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Give credit where credit is due so I will say that Bioderma is the brand that introduced me to the wonderful world of Micellar water for acne prone skin Water; never thought that water can be so powerful and cleansing can be so gentle! I love Bioderma's Sebium Micellar Water so much that I always recommend it to oily- skinned friends who are looking for a gentle, oil- free makeup remover with added oil- busting, acne- fighting, pore cleansing action. Speaking of Sebium, I got the chance to know the range better through a re-launch of the brand; this time, Bioderma focused on this best- selling range for oily, acne- prone Bioderma Sebium is a 4-piece range that promises to remedy the common problems of oily skin types: excessive shine, acne, and enlarged pores.

The range is powered by FLUIDACTIV that helps restore the quality of sebum (apparently, acne and enlarged pores are also caused by an imbalance in the sebum! Just learned something new today!). Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant- has Copper Sulphate and Zinc Sulphate that regulates sebum production; oil- free and non-comedogenic; imparts an instant purifying action. Bioderma Sebium H20- Has Zinc Gluconate that limits sebum production; Copper Sulphate and Zinc Gluconate purifies pores. Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner- Corrective treatment for enlarged pores; has Powders that mattify skin; Salicylic Acid smoothes and purifies; Mushroom extracts tighten pores. Bioderma Sebium AKN- moisturizer that smoothes skin and purifies; has Zinc Gluconate that controls oil; Gingko Biloba soothes skin. Bioderma is available in select Watsons stores and Renergy at Serendra, BGC, Taguig City. Visit BIODERMA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

Like actual water, the best micellar waters can do it all. They are like the kryptonite of makeup and oil — you can squirt some on a cotton swab in the morning and use it to refresh your skin. At night, you can remove your makeup with the stuff, even liquid lipstick that doesn't budge for anything and waterproof mascara. If you're more of a face wipe person, you can follow that up with micellar water to remove any excess dirt and oil. It even helps remove build up on hair. The possibilities are truly endless, and the options are, too. Both drugstore and prestige brands are cranking out the stuff now. To help navigate the vast selection, a Redditor known as LadyBanterbury asked the AsianBeauty subreddit, "What's your favorite micellar water?" Her fellow skin care lovers offered up their K-Beauty and drugstore suggestions. Redditor who goes by yakotta wrote.

There are plenty of times where we've thought to ourselves "This product is so good, it can't possibly get any better." Only, on this occasion, we were wrong. With tenure in our bathroom cabinets, it's not like this cult French product actually required an upgrade. 31.99), featuring a reverse pump. Now, if you're not familiar with the satisfyingly good mechanics of a reverse pump, as far as we're concerned it's the most superior and hands-free way to soak any cotton pad. In short, it's the kind of smart, thoughtful design that takes great products and makes them worthy of packaging-porn.

I use it every day. I swipe a cotton pad soaked with it every morning and evening. I use it to clean my makeup brushes and sponges every few And I never travel without it - in wipe form. Micellar water. It’s a beauty staple in millions of womens’ beauty routines, mine included. It’s also not quite water. But we’ll get to that in just a bit. First, we need to talk about surfactants. A surfactant is a simple compound with a hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail. The head of this compound is attracted to water, and the tail repels water.

Surfactants are a mainstay in in our bodies, and in many of the items we use every day. Everything from the soap you used to wash your hands, the laundry detergent to clean your clothes, and even the toothpaste you brushed your teeth with this morning contains surfactants. If you type in ‘surfactant’ in the EWG website, the search terms can be slightly terrifying. It’s a technical name for something that’s naturally occurring. That said, not all of them are created equally and this post breaks it down in greater detail. The EWG often focuses on prolonged exposure at high quantities, so keep that in mind when you research them. Now let’s talk about micelles. Micelles are a circular aggregate of surfactants, with their hydrophilic heads forming the outside and their hydrophobic tails forming the inside.

These micelles are suspended in water, and are used to gently remove dirt, oil, and makeup from your face. But how does it do it? When you soak a cotton pad in micellar water, the micelles come apart and the heads of the surfactants bind to the pad (which is made of cellulose, a hydrophilic substance). This leaves the hydrophobic tails exposed. When you swipe your face with the pad, the tails are attract themselves to any hydrophobic substance on your face - dirt, oil, makeup. The reaction is instantaneous, and the hydrophilic heads reattach themselves to the cotton pad quickly after the tails have bound to the dirt on your face.

Looks like magic, right? That’s what chemistry is. Micellar water came to popularity with - you guessed it - French women. Due to the poor quality tap water in France, they used micellar water instead to cleanse their face (and still do, according to this chic woman). I use it morning and night, and rinse my face with water after using it. If I’m cleansing at night, I’ll follow it up with this gel cleanser, and then a chemical or physical exfoliant at night. Garnier’s micellar water is the first one I’ve tried, and subsequently the only one I’ve used. It works beautifully, and the price point can’t be beat.

I prefer the mattefying micellar water, and also travel with their micellar water wipes to conserve space in my liquids bag. Their formulation is one of the most gentle, with water being the main ingredient and 3 well-tolerated surfactants (Polaxamer 184, polyaminopropyl biguanide, and hexylene glycol) in the formulation. Garnier also released their micellar foaming face wash recently. I use mine in the shower, and it’s the perfect morning/post-workout cleanser that leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated. In short - micellar water is fantastic to cleanse your skin, and you should absolutely incorporate it in your skincare routine. And if you want my pick, it’s Garnier’s range. Bonus - it goes well with your current skincare regimen, including my favorite kefir products and these powerhouse serums. Disclosure - Garnier gifted me these products to try, but all opinions are my own. I truly love these range, and I think you will too.

We all know that the secret to looking young and beautiful is maintaining a good beauty and skin care regimen. Everyone of us wants to look our best without having to spend too much money on beauty products. So how do you take care of your looks without spending a fortune? How else but by investing in cheap beauty products. When we say cheap, we mean low in price, and not in quality. There are plenty of high quality yet cheap beauty products to choose from. At the top of the list would be Beauty Cheap. As the company name implies, their top brand products are sold at low, discounted prices. Excellent quality yet cheap beauty products are also distributed by a company called Beauty Flash.

They are considered the largest and most famous beauty store in the UK as their products are sold at low and affordable prices. Take note that they only sell beauty products of the best quality. Even the best selling products are sold at the cheapest prices found in the UK and all over Europe. Beauty Flash also provides excellent customer service, offering a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their cheap beauty products. Beauty Flash was the first company to distribute Dermalogica at such low prices, even giving away free samples. Their years of experience in distributing high quality but cheap beauty products make them one of the most trusted stores in the whole of UK.

Beauty Flash has a wide selection of low-priced cosmetic products to choose from, such as shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, hand and foot care products, sunblocks, essential oils, lotions, and other beauty and skin care products. The above mentioned are just a couple of reliable stores that offer quality products at low prices. There are plenty of other shops (online or brick and mortar stores) that distribute low-priced beauty products as well. Take your time and do your research on where you can find great deals of excellent quality cosmetics. Time and effort spent will be all worth it in the end.

By now, you've probably heard of the French woman's secret for cleansing, nourishing, and toning the face in one fell swoop—micellar water AKA eau micellaire. Personally, I'm addicted to it, but it never occurred to me that its benefits could go beyond the face until DevaCurl's new Buildup Buster landed on my desk. —caused by product, tap water, and environmental stressors—from the hair and scalp. But what separates it from a regular clarifying shampoo? It's free of harsh ingredients that strip the hair, as well as loaded with moisturizing oils, like abyssinian seed and jojoba, to keep it healthy and shiny. So you're not only giving your head a deep clean, but helping your texture spring back to life for more volume and bounce. Used as a replacement for shampoo, it comes inside a bottle with a pointed tip so that it's easy to disperse as you massage it all over the scalp and through to the mids and ends. Because you don't want to over cleanse the hair, it should be used weekly or as needed.

Aldi is bracing itself for a shopping frenzy after restocking its cult charcoal beauty range which sold out nationwide earlier this year. Back in stores and online today, the four-piece range from its Lacura concession is inspired by luxury skincare products but starts at just £1.49. Buyers declared this week it was back by popular demand following its phenomenal success that saw it fly off shelves with sellers flogging pieces for as much as four times the original price on eBay. There is also a £5.99 foam cleanser which bears a striking resemblance to a high-end product from GlamGlow. Used with water, the cleanser is formulated to minimise pores and gently exfoliate skin, leaving it visibly clearer and mattified.

In order to get you the best skin and makeup tips possible, we talk to makeup artists all the time. That's how we have the scoop on everything from how to nail your perfect neutral lip shade to wearing color-correcting makeup or glitter without looking like a hot mess. And of course, makeup artists know about all the best products to use, including exactly what you should be putting in your cart at Sephora (it's literally their job to know!). So when they have a recommendation, we listen. And it's a game-changer for many makeup artists, who are in the business of applying and removing makeup on the daily.

Danielle Lewis, professional makeup artist. Leah London, Note Cosmetics lead makeup artist, agrees wholeheartedly. Bioderma's version is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. It is oil-free and has no alcohol or parabens—just micelles suspended in water and soothing cucumber extract. Clean your face simply by pouring some on a cotton pad and swiping over your face, lips, and eyelids. Want more wisdom from makeup artist? We at Women's Health have long been fans of micellar water (and heck, we're even using it in our hair!). But that makes us no less excited about this discovery. Given these glowing recommendations from multiple makeup artists, we know exactly which one we'll be adding to our Amazon cart.

But, coming from a girl who's willing to inject her face with neurotoxins and sit through hour-long butt facials, you could convince me to try it if the results were really worth it. But even when I'm done, my skin still feels oily — not at all squeaky-clean or fresh. It takes me longer than any other cleanser I've used before and still leaves me feeling grimy. Saying you hate micellar water in the beauty world is like saying you hate dogs in the rest of the world — people look at you with sad eyes and think you're missing out and don't even know it. But I'm not alone here. Julia T. Hunter, MD, dermatologist and founder of Wholistic Dermatology, doesn't believe in its magic powers, either. Cosmetic chemist Ni'Kita Wilson takes a more middle-of-the-road approach. So, it might not be as chic, but I'll be sticking to my tried-and-true, American cleansing routine. Who wants to travel all the way to Paris just to bring back water anyway?

Most mascara just doesn't show on my eyes and I just give up on mascara because my eyelashes are just hardly visible. 😎 However, this is my first time reviewing a mascara and here is the PSK Panoramic Mascara. Psk Panoramic Mascara has a medium size wands and what is unique about it is the shape is made to give volume as well to lengthen the lashes. The formula doesn't dry my eyelashes, waterproof and sweatproof too. Application is easy too but if you have more than ten coats, it is sure going to clump. The mascara doesn't budge and can only be removed with oil cleanser or micellar water. I do like that it help my eyelashes to be more visible as you can notice from the photos, it doesn't look like own eyelashes since my eyelashes are so sparse😑 The colour is pretty natural as it is dark brown instead of black😀. Overall, PSK Panoramic Mascara is for someone just looking for waterproof mascara that provide natural volume. Of course it works better if you have thicker eyelashes than my sparse, non existent eyelashes😖. For more information, please visit PSK Taiwan official website. I redeemed the product from BFF. Check out my page in BFF . However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

It is again another year and my skin at 27 is much better than it was when I was 17. I could say that it is hardwork of taking care of my skin and doing lots of research. I am paranoid of going to dermatologist-partly because I am afraid that I don’t have the money for it and I don’t like to wait. I don’t like facial too because I don’t have deep pocket. Anyway, even my colleagues said that my skin improves a lot. Hopefully I will be looking like those SKII ambassador skin or Korean artist skin soon. 1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser-it is my everyday cleanser. 2. La Roche PosayAntheliox 60 -I use it only when I go out cause I am lazy. 3. Sunplay 120 - I need this when I go to the beach or i will look like a lobster. 4. Bioderma Sensibio H20- This is really a miracle water to clean all the makeup. Just one swipe and everything is removed. Perfect for lazy people like me. Another equally good product would be the Avene makeup remover.

B. Pure - Micellar water - £4.99 for 150ml (3.3p per ml) - 6/10 - This felt so much more soothing on my face in comparison to Superdrug’s vitamin E range one I have been using lately. Although this has propylene glycol in too but much further down the ingredients list, but still not sure I would like to use it all the time on my skin. But is a BIG improvement from Superdrug’s vitamin E micellar solution. Felt fine on my face, does as it says but nothing Botanics - Micellar 3 in 1 cleansing solution - All bright- 2/10 - £4.49 for 250ml (1.8p per ml) Has that strong smell I really don’t like and stings a-little.