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This mail aims at re-opening up a shared overview, understanding who is where in the project development, and how it can overlap.

It asks the question " Do we need a nice community environment, to attract volunteer expertise ? "

Blending co-living cultures, support to the commons and self organization, corporate business intelligence , open platform cooperativism , live action role playing games ... ?

It has a more specific focus on #Berlin , and connections with other places in Europe, and how to build bridges with developments in the US and Oceania ?

What is our interdependent infrastructure of convergence ? Events Vs Longer Term spaces of convergence ?

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related to the last email, and

( see month long event in fwd email further below in this message )

In some ways, it could be nice to connect the activist volunteering world, with the corporate world,

and build up a business intelligence 2.0 approach. , with digital tools that can also be used for shared contextualisations in live action role playing games / simulations. ( I also cc and bcc friends and acquaintances who have been somehow involved in such visions, including Joe in bcc , who has been working on )

I like the way Eric phrased it here :

Seth already developed running prototypes with all this complexity in the back end , optimizing such software, integrating his expertise in Artificial Intelligence with it , and some kind of interface ( yet depending on applications, requiring further contributions from other developers ? )

This has also been discussed over the years with Ishan, of metamaps, and Connor, who programmed an interface that overlaps such vision. I do not know exactly what they are doing with it as current - did they start selling it as a service ? -

I al cururious as to how for example Connor , Ishan , but also others ( in cc ) find a business model that suits each ( or understand each entity's preferred or potentially overlapping "business model" ) , as not being paid for ones work in a potential collaboration was an issue we ended up with a few years back.

Enspiral has also served as such kind of convergence point, and also offering inspiring approaches to support participants ? Open Value Networks as experimented by Enspiral can also be an approach to have contributions recognized, while supporting ones operational needs ?

I also notice Edward West writing about these convergences.

For some friends, the business model is the outcome of using the tools. For others, developing the tools in itself ought to already be able to cover efforts invested in it. Possibly potential for some kind of members based yearly support for development ?

Or some of the financing models Enspiral suggests and uses ?

I suggest watching some Enspiral Videos if it is new to you

( I listed some via my social bookmarks

You'll also find other links related to /assembleevirtuelle , /metamaps , /netention , /sensorica , etc :

or combination of keywords , such as )

On the European continent, ( Maia in cc ) and Transformap ( Gualter and Jon in cc ) are going towards a convergence ?

Assemblée Virtuelle ( cc : Guillaume , Yannick ) also serves as aggregator for such convergences :

Other terms used, for convergence around such visions, being a Platform Cooperativism Approach ?

Yunity can provide some kind of community, or may be one of the communities with shared overlap.

Can it by itself , in its current format, provide the needed expertise ? I asked friends about software architecture choices, and got some feedback that can be a presage of some if its limitations , but at least it may have the merit of existing and being operational ?

Do we need a nice community environment, to attract volunteer expertise ?


Or can dynamics in Berlin offer such convergence ? ...

Would we be able to integrate solutions , including with the corporate consultancy world ?

How best to support the existing work of people related to Sensorica, or Bob Haugen ( who also interacts with Sensorica ) under

... , ,

potential synergies investigated with Sensorica for OVN approaches

and a Netention Vision ?


Further links - last I got to know about Seth's coding work

Further Note :

Some of you who know me for longer, know I attempted convergences over the years ( in 2007 , 2013 , ... ). Others may have shared lifestyle / programmer / activist convergences such as