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Casa Robino or simply Casa is a small apartment in Amsterdam shared by nomadic travelers. The place is rented by Robin who decided to use the space as a home-base for same-minded and sometimes not-so-same-minded people. It is also called a Nomadbase or a shared travelers home.



The place doesn't come with a lot of explanations on how things work. Little hints can be found around the place though. Sometimes people are not used to live in such an environment and it can take a while before they get it.


The website is the virtual face of the casa. In it you find information related to the house, such as the stuff it needs and also a guide to dumpster diving, shopping and cleaning.

Anyone can post on the website, and people who have been passing through or are currently present use it to write stories about topics that are important to them or that are somehow related to the place such as hitchhiking, pasta madre and traveling.