Communal kitchen

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A Communal Kitchen is a kitchen where food is prepared for and by the people. They can be organised in different ways.

  1. Rotation-shifts. Participants take shifts in preparing, collecting the food as well as cleaning.
  2. Magic hat, fixed or gradual fee for participants, or for example a monthly fee for participants. When you are a member you can eat every day, or certain amounts of days.

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Here's how it works: first, a community of people plans a menu. They work together, or elect an organizer, to procure food. Sometimes the members themselves simply divide the cost, enjoying the savings that come with purchasing food staples in bulk. Sometimes the group gathers donations, or makes use of food from local food banks or similar institutions. No matter where the food originates, however, one important detail sets the community kitchen apart from soup kitchens or other feeding programs: the practice of preparing and sharing food communally. The people who will eat the food are the same people who help to cook the food, and by those rules, all participants are equal.