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Please move this page to Nomadbase-Network.

Also to be migrated: nomadismnomadbasesSHEPast events

A Nomadbase-network would be a network of nomads and nomadbases. This would be a network of nomads, long term travelers, skillsurfers, etc, with places and bases that are open for shared living.

Online presence

There is currently a proposal to make a webplatform to create such a network. Development takes places on nomadbase.org as well as on grabgrass

Technical implementation ideas

Idea: use http://openatrium.com

  • drupal "distribution"
  • it has "features"
  • openatrium already has "spaces", with
    • blog
    • twitter-like functionality
    • casetracker - e.g. for tasks or wishes
Someone told me it's only for intranets --sitarane



  • Location
  • Capacity
  • Blog-like:
    • Pictures
    • Videos
    • Text
  • the bases are managed by one or more people


  • Usual profile stuff (pics, description, links)
  • Trust?
    • Communication
  • Do we actually need one for nomads?
  • Linked to bases
  • drupal as openid provider?
    • people could use profiles elsewhere

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