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Sharewiki is a website about what sharing is, does and develops. It documents lots of concepts as well as practical ideas on models on how to experience a better and easier life.

A wiki is a tool for doing and sharing edits between people; therefore contents are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.

ShareWiki Contributors

Sharewiki was initiated on November 6th, 2008 by guaka and robino, and were soon thereafter joined by Kardan and Abundance. coco and flawer started editing on summer 2010. See also Dante, Mirto and other contributors


Just click edit, or even better, create an account (easy through OpenID).

Aah, if you are thinking of giving sharewiki any other resource further than edits, see the donations page.

Why Sharewiki?

The idea for Sharewiki was born to facilitate the sharing of sharing-practices link building and to share new ideas for creating new projects based on sharing. For sharing sake!

How to edit in Sharewiki?

Register an account and start editing. It is much more welcomed if you also subscribe to the mailing list and send a message there introducing your wished edits to the rest of editors,

Visit the Category:Stub for the less edited pages yet.


In Sharewiki the categories tree is called Resources. Each category should be defined the loan modification types of pages that shoul contain. You could challenge that in its talk page, in the main talks about taxonomies, or create it as a tag.

Try to categorize articles the less but the better,


Dumps are database copies. We release one file with all actual articles and another one with older edits, in a daily basis.

Other wikis

We encourage you to specially edit articles in related and more specific wikis like:, hitchwiki, trashwiki and anywhere else you may think!.

We are also linking to other wikis

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