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#REDIRECT [[Sharewiki.org:Community portal]]
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== Contents ==
Enter via
* [[Sharewiki:Sitemap|overview of topics]] (sitemap),
* [[:Category:Browse|overview of the categories]],
* [[Special:AllPages|alphabetical index of articles]]
== Participating ==
* [[Help:Contents|this way to the help pages]]
* [[Sharewiki:Copyrights]] may be important to read
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== Administration ==
* ''Database dumps?''
* Deletion requests get listet [[:Category:Candidate for deletion|here]]
* list of [[:Category:stub|stubs]]
* the [[Special:SpecialPages|maintenance reports]]
== Contact ==
* Questions, suggestions, ideas, complaints go on [[Sharewiki talk:Community Portal|the talk page here]] or
* you may talk to [[Sharewiki:Administrators|administrators]] or other (registered) [[Special:ListUsers|users]] on their talk page

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