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== Cultures of Sharing ==
== Cultures of Sharing ==
* More extreme environments and deeper [[reliance on sharing]]
* More extreme environments and deeper [[reliance on sharing]]
* [[Nomads]], [[Intentional Communities]] and [[Ecovillages]]
* [[Nomad]]s, [[intentional community|intentional communities]] and [[ecovillage]]s
* [[Free Software]] Movements - [[Wiki]] cultures of sharing
* [[Free Software]] Movements - [[wiki]] cultures of sharing
* [[Squat-movement]]s and their types of [[sharing-cultures]]
* [[Squat movement]]s and their types of [[sharing culture]]s
== Related ==
== Related ==

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Sharing can mean different things to different people.

  • to give
  • to have in common
  • to distribute


  • Creating opportunities for mutual care
  • A Distributed allocation of resources
  • Being Response-able to communal needs

The Basic Arguments for Sharing

  • Sharing creates meaningful exchange of lives and care
  • Sharing is energy-efficient and extremely resourceful
  • It has the awkward trend to make life more meaningful

Methods of Sharing

  • Sharing-skills. How to learn/share how to teach/share?
  • Learn to Co-operate, create mutual circles for sharing
  • Open Space Technology - Open and Free Exchange

Resources and Skills

  • Optimising the use of resources through mutual interdependence.
  • A new energy-sharist paradigm bases on how to share our energy
  • To share is a response ability towards a more Holistic Self.

Cultures of Sharing