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Sharing mostly refers to the joint use of a resource. It can also mean other different things to different people such as:

  • to give
  • to have in common
  • to distribute


  • Creating opportunities for mutual care
  • Being response-able to communal needs
  • A distributed allocation of resources in its broadest sense
  • Sharing is probably synonimous of Free barter

The Basic Arguments for Sharing

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  • Sharing adds meaningfulness to our lives
  • Sharing reduces barriers and help people to unfold their full potential
  • Sharing is an energy-efficient and extremely resourceful strategy for all living organisms
  • Sharing has the awkward trend to grow through the experiencing of it

Ways of Sharing

Sharing experiences

There's not always somebody to share with, and you are right thinking that other people could take advantages on you when you are ready to share something. You should moderate your sharings. Just mind that tending and living in the consciousness of being open to share creates the possibility to change (y)our world from the moment you let that spread it in yourself.

By opening your life to others, by creating spaces for others to join in on what you are doing you can maximize development possibilities for your own doings. We could experience a more social life by adding (y)our bit(s) for a more abundant enjoying than the way proposed by the the capitalist scarcitism logic, which is just an appeal to fear fallacy.

Are you seeing it half full or half empty?

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