Stigmergic Hiking

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I feel it is possible to use our combined experience with real social networks, and hitch hiking,

to our advantage in terms of developing leading - open source - car sharing applications for Smartphones

Perhaps consider an application under Android ? ( any Java enthusiasts midst some programmers here ? - unfortunatly I dont program - yet )

Perhaps also potential funding from some well established car pooling sites ? With consumers of logistics software ? ( freight companies ? ) But also from governments ? ( regional, national and transnational )

A well written grant application with credible partners could bring in a few million euros of funding.

I am very interested in contributing in the development of such project, especially in terms of product design, marketing, and fund raising.

How would it be called ? ( see proposals at the end of this message )

I feel like briefly giving some more ideas :

I imagine profiles enabled with OpenID , and databases of credibility relations made between users ( such as with hospitality networks ) , and hosted on central servers ? ( accessible through sms ? or 3g ? or both ? )

Could there also be some option of some kind of "routing key system" which would not need to be dependent on a central server ?

Perhaps the following Ad-Hoc Mesh research can be inspiring for such option ?

Possibilities of relayingvarious levels of "credibility" requests, either through server with checked profiles, either through ( ad hoc ) wireless ?

allowing options for sending "requests" with real time position ( gps ), but also potential future requests ( as with the german car sharing - over 700 000 uses ) from "want to be drivers" and from "want to be passengers"

Then there are also the potential questions relating to rights and responsibilities if and when one connects through a more centralized server to access profile information and send requests.

letting users approove a bill of rights and a bill of responsibilities

How would it be called ?

"Digital Thumb"

ICT facilitated Stigmergic Carpooling ?

ICT facilitated HitchHiking ?

PhoneHiking ?

Stigmergic Hiking ? ( aka " Stig-ing " ? )

" Open Stigmergic Relay Transportation Protocol ... " :-p

Carpool mobile ad hoc networks ?

"Instant Ride"

Further References :