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hey people,

i was reading about your project and want to add some thing. I live since 5 years in Leipzig and know some things about the living situation, alternative scene and whats going on in this city.

First, be carefull when you search a house. Even if some offers are really apetising, the most building structures in this cheap houses are very bad. When you buy a house i would definitely recommend to take an expert opinion. There is a lot of dry rot and i heard story about people who bought some of those cheap houses without obtaining an expertise before. the basic structure of a building seemed to be good but it wasn´t and you will have a lot more expensives after all. The cheap and good houses are sold years ago. I also thought about buying a house, because it is so cheap, but a friend of mine (he studies architecture and his father is an expert for dry rot and basic structures of buildings) gave me a warning and i want to forward that to you. There is always a reason, when a house is so cheap.

Anyway the city is beautiful and i love to live here. there is much to discover and you will have many supporters for alternative living projects here.

You can contact me if you need some local support.




Hi Stefan, It's Dante writing. Thanks for the advice !

I may be passing by Leipzig in a few days. You can contact me : dante.monson (at)

ps : I m not the admin of this wiki, so I do not have access to your email :)


Greetings from barcelona, nice research you did. I like LE and would contribute if the project becomes real. At the moment I am more into forestry and self sufficiency in rural areas. Wish you the best for the process and that you find a neat space in the surrounding of Leipzig! --Kardan 13:18, 21 January 2012 (UTC)

Hey, it's Tomi. I am just a couple of hours of hitching away, in Berlin. I can help in a variety of ways: conceptualizing, networking, manual labor, cooking, writing etc. Just give me a holler if you need something.


Pasting a comment from Ele ( February 2017 ) :

" I lived in Leipzig after it had shrunk to 480,000 and we got to play in all the empty spaces, creating, inventing, being community. We collected furniture from abandoned buildings and carried entire cinema interiors into the forest to watch Dracula. The municipality paid for our (admittedly little) semester fee and real estate agents would give us up to 3 months free rent. Some moved twice a year just to live for free. Those houses the municipality couldn't sustain were entrusted to students, artists and janitors so they'd be heated and preserved (otherwise nature took over rapidly). These houses became locations for 24h exhibitions, activist headquarters, repair workshops, off theatres ... legal squats basically.

In the last 5-6 years Leipzig continues to see a mad influx of people from Germany but also internationally. I met a lady from Palo Alto saying the future is in leipzig not in Silicon Valley. And I met spiritual musicians/devotees saying leipzig was the place to be. I think leipzig has nurtured love and attention in people.

It's grown to 520,000 now and my heart beats faster thinking that its culture and down-to-Earth creative saneness could spread. "