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looking forward to brainstorm collectively on how we may describe certain characteristics of a nomad base.

I imagine such description, ( a nomad base manifesto ? ) can then be publicized in various cities through hospitality networks and forums, inspiring and inviting other "houses" to join a nomadbase network. ( or inspire other individuals that are already using their houses as nomad bases to connect with each other ).

I feel such brainstorming would not set any specific rules or definitions of what a nomad base should be, but describe certain potential properties/tendencies/intentions of nomadic bases, the kind of dynamics likely to develop in such bases, ...

I'm copying this to the discussion page and rewrite it in the article. guaka 21:26, 16 January 2009 (UTC)

What a nomad base is not

Should there be any restriction? This section is just questioning.

A nomad base is like a hackerspace, but you can sleepthere too...

Can a rural community of hippies that don't have internet be a nomadbase?

Can a nomadbase organise lucrative event (dinner, sell alcohol)

No financial condition to participate. Donations are acceptable. (what's about minimum donations?)
For non-necessary controversial items like alcohol, it is ok to demand financial contribution.
If nomadbase cannot be lucrative, what is the position of eco-friendly farms and cooperatives in the network? and cultural associations?
necessity to explode the difference between lucrative and supportive events/contributions.

Can nomads be asked to work in exchange of accommodation and food? if yes, with what extent?

Can a nomad base make a call for nomads to include them in specific projects (like a call for ; musicians to have a concert or a call for gardeners to set up urban gardening solutions)? If yes how this functionality can be developed in the online network?

Can nomads be asked to contribute by buying food?

In substance: how can a nomad base sustain itself?

Can a hierarchical network of bases become a nomad base or collaborate with it? (See hobos: more discussion/understanding needed)

Do we have positions regarding drugs (heavy/light) and alcohol? Or is every base free to decide?

Can local homeless people live in a nomad base.

This kind of up to each base. It goes a bit against the "nomad" tag, but hey...

Somewhere to discuss potential new bases?

Hi. I'm interested in working with people to establish a base which operates along the lines of the values discussed at . Is it ok if I mention this somewhere on the Wiki? Or does anyone know where the most appropriate place to mention this might be? --Dslc 18:42, 9 August 2010 (UTC)