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"Post scarcity foundation" carries out the feeling that we dig trash because there is not enough food to survive. While the reason why I do it is because there is too much. I feel like "post abundance" would fit the bill better, but I don't like "post-anything" because of the following: It defines itself through another unrelated concept ("scarcity" here). When that other concept evolves, it affects us.

Yes, I'm a definition nazi. If you agree that a good domain name plays a part in the success of a website, then so are you.

Think of "post-modern" or "neo-consevatism" or "anti-capitalism" ... For a more thorough and philosophical overview of the importance of self-standing definitions, see this brilliant post from H.G. Wells on a pre-internet publication (huhu). (find the phrase : "I have now to tell you of another aspect of this scepticism of the instrument" on the very long page to get to that part of the argument, but you should read the whole thing, it's going to change your life).

I know the term "post-scarcity" is already coined, but a dyslexic moron in a hurry is likely to misinterpret it.

A general term that is self-standing and accurately encompasses the stuff we want to put in would be nice.

"simple life foundation" "make-a-sense foundation" "optimal foundation" "ressource usage foundation" ... I'm sure we can come up with something.

Just saying...

Sitarane 10:31, 20 June 2010 (UTC)

I feel we should merge "fields" and "means". I'm a bit mixed up on what goes where. Please someone educate me or I swear I'll do it!


Sitarane 10:39, 20 June 2010 (UTC)