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Tekno and Phyno: Who is Richer? Tekno Miles is a talented Nigerian music producer, singer, songwriter, and dancer. He’s known for Why Bet9ja Is Not Opening hit songs like "Pana", "Diana", "Jogodo", and "Tender" He’s one of the biggest names in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and one of the very few musicians signed to the giant Sony Music Entertainment. Tekno Miles has produced musical beats for several Nigerian musicians including Davido. He’s also musically collaborated with musicians like Wizkid, and Canadian rapper and singer Drake Aubrey. Tekno Miles has an exotic fleet of cars and items worth millions of naira. He also lives in an exquisitely designed apartment, and owns several musical facilities worth millions of naira. Phyno is one of the biggest Nigerian indigenous rappers in Nigeria. He raps in the majority Igbo language and he also raps in English language. According to Phyno, his best friend in the Nigerian entertainment industry is Olamide.

They’ve both performed live on stage together, released several hit singles and won awards with their musical collaborations. Phyno Fino is currently the biggest rapper in the Igbo dialect, and has released several hit singles. He’s also one of theost followed Nigerian indigenous rapper with several awards won. In the past, Phyno signed multimillion naira endorsement deals with telecommunications giant Airtel, drink brand and company Guinness Nigeria, and sports betting company NairaBet (actually one of the biggest sports betting company in Nigeria alongside Bet9ja). He earns from show bookings, and he’s the founder of and boss at PentHouze music label.

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NairaBet is the oldest and first betting site in Nigeria. It is also the first in this list but later outranked by Bet9ja Winning Coupon, now it is the second in list of the top 10 best betting website in Nigeria. This betting company has proving to be unique over times and it allows you to even bet a match when it is still on play, payment is 100℅ at due time. Surebet is another old fast growing Nigerian betting Company in this list. Surebet usually have over 500000 bets per day. Surebet is also a great betting company in Nigeria. Having its unit all over the country filled with lots of youths for Bet9ja Highest Winner 2019 betting, Making more money per day. There payment is also great.

1960BET Should be at top 3 best bet site actually, but i dont know…, 1960bet is said to be one of the fastest paying bet website in Nigeria, they are also among the oldest football betting sites in Nigeria. Another great football betting website is 360BET, it is one of the outstanding and Where Is Bet9ja Head Office In Lagos oldest betting companies in Nigeria today, unique for genuine payment unlike most other company who does not pay immediately. 360BET has over 3,000 bets per day to their site, with over 5,000 visitors on site. Most betting website in Nigeria envy this betting company, Highest Bet9ja Payout merrybet is among the trusted betting sites in Nigeria with a very fast payment method. One suprising thing about this Merrybet is unlike other betting companies, this betting website has its office unit at every zone, where customers can go to place their bets.

BET365NAIJA is one of the most recommended betting company in Nigeria, very profitable to every agent in any unit.Although, BET365NAIJA does not really pay on time but it is said that this company never stops paying. Just place your bet at the right place and let them handle for you. This is another fast paying betting site this 2019 that has proven to be at the best. Before the year runs out, BETCOLONY will be at top 5 without being challeged. Payment are just made within few ours to your account. 9japredict is also another serious betting shop in nigeria. This betting site suppose to be at no 9 but was outranked, but still, 9ja predict is on of the best betting website, with over 1k active bets per day. They have their own affiliate shops all over nigeria. No doubt, they should be on this list.

These days football betting is very popular among Nigerian youths. In fact, to some people, it has become a very "lucrative business". Statistics have shown that 70% of Nigerian youths are football betting fanatics. Every corner of the street you go to is overcrowded with some guys trying to engage in football betting. Nobody is left out as you can see both old and young, students, touts and schoolboys. When you go to this football betting centres, you need to see the passion in the eyes of this young ones. It seems they are under some kind of spell. What baffles me most is that nobody is saying anything about it.

I guess the reason is that people see it as a place to get quick cool cash. I heard someone saying that [ Bet9ja Whatsapp football betting] has helped reduce the crime rate in the country and I am like: oh really? Tell me about it. What crime has it reduced? Perhaps someone should tell me the meaning of "crime". Whether you agree or not, football betting is gambling. And you know what they say about gambling? Look closely at the lives of gamblers, they are usually poor and pathetic people. If you can see online football betting as gambling then you’ll really get my points. Poverty: football betting can turn into a dangerous two-way street when you least expect it.

One minute you are rich and the next you are down to your last kobo. Wrong Mentality about Wealth: Many who engage in football betting believe that one day, just one day they’re luck will shine and they’ll become millionaires. And i ask: how many millionaire gamblers do you know in your area. If you know of any please comment below. Health Issues: Do you know that losing to a bet can cause sadness, high BP, regret, depression and a whole lot of negative emotions. Suicide: Though no case of suicide has been recorded about someone committing suicide on losing a football bet but the possibility is high.

Prolonged depression can cause suicide. Frustration and anger: You need to see the anger and frustration in the eyes of those guys who lost to a bet. It is quite frightening. Laziness: It makes youths so lazy that they forget about doing anything for their lives. Most of them don’t take their bath because they are busy gambling away their lives. Waste of Financial Resources: I heard a young guy who used his school fees to bet online and has never stopped regretting his actions after he lost. Some people sell even their properties and personal belongings to bet.[ Bet9ja Whatsapp] What a sorry life! Wrong Idea about Money: There is a saying that no woman can endure a gambling husband unless he is a steady winner- Thomas Robert Dewar.

Football betting makes a person believe that if you lose money that you’re a failure. You know how wrong that idea is. Family Conflicts: It destroys one’s relationship with family, friends and colleagues. Due to an obsession with the game a person is isolated from the family members which can cause a serious family crisis. Certainly, no mother will proudly introduce his son as a football betting maniac. Lack of Vision: look at the lives of those addicted gamblers, they are what I call NFAs (No Future Ambition). They live just for betting. They live in the world of fantasy. Their hope is to one day win at least a million naira.

Football betting so limits their vision that they believe there’s no life outside gambling. Lack of Creativity/Initiative: How can one ever be creative and innovative when all he thinks is how to bet? Have you ever wondered that those football betting sites were created by human beings like you? Come to think of if, if Bill Gates was busy gambling away his life there will be no Microsoft. If Mark Zuckerberg was using his time to search for the best betting site, there wouldn’t have been Facebook. Same can be said about successful entrepreneurs like Dangote, Dokpesi Raymond, Linda Ikeji and all the big names you know in the world.

Online football betting is WRONG! If nobody is saying something about this menace then we’ll be raising a nation of gamblers. No doubt, Football betting can pay your bills for a time but it is never a reliable source of income or wealth. It is no business that you can employ others to work for you. Lasting wealth does not come from football Go get a life. Go make a difference. Go do something tangible for Africa. Africa needs you. The world can not wait for your next invention. People can hardly wait for your state-of-the-art product/service. Why bury such great talent in a football betting center?

For gamblers who like to place their bets in a discreet and easy way, betting online is definitely the best option which Bet9ja readily offers on their website. To place your bet online on Bet9ja Winning Coupon, it is a must to have a registered and verified account and make a deposit (minimum of N100) through any of the various payment methods available on the website. After you are logged into your verified account and successfully made your deposit, you are set to follow the steps Click to select your preferred game, your options includes Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, League, Live or Spin and Win. You are required to select a geographical region when you choose a tournament. Select your preferred league and match and choose one or various odds to increase your chances. After selecting your odds, click on the bet slip below the page to lead you to the next page where you will be able to view and confirm your bets. Choose the amount of money you are staking on each of the odds you have selected. Place your bets and wait for the events to occur.

Kashim Shettima, Governor of Borno State says he has asked betting companies to leave the state as part of his efforts to fight social vices among youths. Shettima stated this while assuring that his administration will take proactive measures to address the adverse effects of online gambling as well as drug and substance abuse among others on youths. He was speaking spoke at the 14th Annual Ramadan Lecture organized by Borno Radio Television Corporation in Maiduguri on Sunday. "I have given directives to all Bet9ja and Nairabet agents in the state to leave immediately. Drug and substance abuse gives birth to all immoral vices hence government’s determination to fight all forms of social vices," Shettima was reported as saying.

Just follow me as I drop the best Bet9ja Whatsapp Group code for wining today’s match. Your journey of becoming a millionaire from football prediction just begins. After many years of experience in Football analysis, prediction and betting, I have decided to help young Nigerians achieve their dream from sports prediction. How d I intend to do that? I will be dropping odds for interested people to pick up and play. Sometimes, the odd will be small but it is a sure game. I have seen many people struggle to make it but lose a lot of times. This is why I decided to help, you will be getting codes for fixed matches daily.

The lowest odd I will drop is 2 odds. This is a soccer prediction website where you can predict the outcome of a You will have to stack money, if your predictions are correct at the end of the game, you win but if your predictions are wrong, you will lose your money. Bet9ja covers all the major sporting events across Europe and the world. They have great odds and [ Bet9ja Whatsapp Group] also great combinations of bets like First Goalscorer and Half-Time/Full-Time. In Live Betting the odds change right up to the 90th minute. On a Saturday there may be as many as 10,000 different bets on offer. Bet9ja is the registered trading name of KC Gaming Networks Limited.

To get the code and odds of the day, you will have to join my telegram There, I will be posting codes daily. For clarity purpose, I will be listing all the Bet9ja codes and Study them and book your game if we happen to drop game without booking number. This and many more are bet9ja codes you need to familiarize yourself with if you are an ardent soccer predictor. Many other updates will be coming directly to this page and our telegram channel. Feel free to contact me with your problem and There are benefits associated with booking bets online. Firstly, Who Brought Bet9ja To Nigeria you will have the opportunity to cash out some money if one game wants to spoil your ticket.

This makes it an important operation that has a massive potential market, and they have delivered a 'full service' with sports betting, a casino, lottery, racing and virtual games all provided. Whether you are in Nigeria or beyond, the great range of sports and casino games can be experienced when you sign up through JohnnyBet, Why Bet9ja Is Not Opening with the Bet9ja Whatsapp Group mobile betting site welcoming you with their biggest and best bonus deals. The Sports Betting section is laid out to be easy to use for those who have never wagered online before, while featuring a hugely diverse range of games and possible bet configurations suitable for highly experienced punters as well. Soccer from around the world is carried, with all the big leagues from England, [ Bet9ja Winning Coupon] Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil and around the globe being offered.

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