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Brasil is a country in South America.

In 2008 and 2009 the government of Brasil proposed several laws that are likely to increase a sharist culture. For example, it announced it will deploy 53,000 computer labs with all Free Software and 52 million students will have access to these labs. The computers in the labs will be running a Linux distribution called Linux Educacional which is based on Debian and KDE as a desktop. source.


Digital Culture Coordinator, Jose Murilo, delegate from the Ministry of Culture of Brazil to the Free Culture Forum in Barcelona, introduces the strategy being implemented in Brazil for creating the new law on intellectual property.

A 20 minute video - Lula da Silva, Brazilian President, talks about the importance of Free Software and the Internet at the 10th Free Softaware Internacional Forum, in Porto Alegre, Brazil - June 26th, 2009


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