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Jukss stands for Jugendumweltkongress (Youth Environmental Congress) and was an (almost) yearly self-organised event in Germany with workshops, talks, food, etc. The whole event is self-organised nearly from scratch, using Open Space.

Around Christmas and New Year, over 300 curious, artistic, critical, political, philosophic Freaks, Punks, Hippies, Eco warriors and "ordinary" people come together for Jukss somewhere between Baltic Sea and the Alps to inform, to discuss, make plans, get new ideas, try utopias, take action, be acrobatic and juggle, to knit and have fun, ... and to change the world!

We try the experiment of living together in an equal, self-determined way. We create a wide frame of possibilities: the program is made by the topics that you consider important. You can make presentations and show movies, bring exhibits and info material, organize workshops and initiate discussions... When we cook together, we create culinary pleasures and philosophize...

JUKSS only happens when people step forward to actually take responsibility and organise the event. Much of the framework has already been done. We need YOU to help!

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