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Workshop Hacking Real Life

For OHM2013

also at http://prezi.com/tspnl7_vnady/


someone who loves to program or who enjoys playful cleverness, or a combination of the two


Hacking Real Life?


As in free beer: free transport, free food, free places to stay.

As in freedom: remove money as a limiting factor

playful cleverness instead of money to

  • get around
  • eat
  • get stuff
  • find a place to sleep

What else do you need?

(Okay, don't leave if you're married with 4 children, a dog and a mortgage.)

Hacking homes


Most houses have a lot of unused space.

"guest" and "host" are cognates, derived from one Proto-Indo-European root (*ghos-ti-) [1]


  • couchsurfing
  • hospitality club
  • BeWelcome - FOSS, French NGO, quite democratic
  • Warm Showers - FOSS, Drupal, for bicyclists
  • servas



  • Street surfing
  • Hitchhiking

Hacking waste: dumpster diving

  • Awkward? ~45% of produced food = waste! that is awkward
  • Bring bottle of water
  • Bring bags etc.
  • Don't make a mess
  • Markets can be great
  • Consider dates, e.g. mass student migration
  • Legality?
  • Fruit with spots? Jam or freezer!
  • Freegans "embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed." [2] (compare this to GNU manifesto)

Hacking transport: hitchhiking

  • Awkward? Most cars are driving around with just one person!
  • Yes it works
  • It's fun
  • Social
  • Free (as in beer and software)

hitchhiking top tips

  1. Take the most used route (check google maps)
  2. Carry a good paper map that shows gas stations
  3. Be in a good, safe spot
  4. Stay positive, smile and laugh
  5. Avoid tight deadlines
  6. Make eye contact with drivers
  7. Making conversation with drivers
  8. Work with the weather
  9. Types of clothing: bright and onion-style
  10. Signs
  11. Cities are attractors: hard to get out, easy to get into (use public transport)
    • Find spots on Hitchwiki.org
  12. Long distance in Western Europe: stick to gas stations on the highway


Some more hints:

  1. Communicate clearly
  2. Don't overestimate your skills
  3. Don't listen to driver's suggestions
  4. Get out in time
  5. Don't loose items on route
  6. Don't discuss controversial matters with drivers or loose control over conversation
  7. Don't stick to a gas station
  8. Don't go one gas station too far
  9. Don't hitch with two or more at truck stops
  10. Turn down rides
  11. Don't fall asleep or in love
  12. Don't watch a movie while driving
  13. Don't go with truckers in Germany
  14. On this subject

(If you're the one with the 4 kids: most hitchhikers are guys like me. Do consider picking me up if you have a free seat!)


  • give-away shop

Money-less living

very 3117

brief history

-3000: *ghos-ti-

1800: "waste was primarily comprised of human and animal manure"

1957: on the road

2004: random hitching tips spread around interwebs

2005: moved unmaintained overspammed hitchhiker's guide to hitchhiking to wikia

2006: moved wikia to hitchwiki.org, worked for couchsurfing

2007: bewelcome was started (not by me), failed attempt at open sourcing couchsurfing (by me)

2008: trashwiki.org born (stint in hyves offices)

(2010: collcon coined)

2011: couchsurfing finally for profit

2013: bewelcome 45k+ members

hitchwiki budget: domain name traswhiki budget: domain name bewelcome budget: ~1200 EUR/year