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Post scarcity is a political concept and social term to describe the state of societies and communities that have overcome scarcity.

It seems many people in affluent countries reached post scarcity on an individual or group level, but the lack of wide scale sharing holds back post scarcity on a wider scale.

The most effective way to achieve post-scarcity is by sharing what one has, or by otherwise amending our habits so that better use can be made of productive resources. This has the effect of making less material work for more people.

In some cases a post-scarcity economy could also include the reduction of "negative externalities." These are costs associated with production, use, or re-use that are not typically accounted for. A post-scarcity economy should account for and internalize negative externalities in order to take full responsibility for all consumptive habits and to insure that these habits are sustainable in a way that does not damage others in the local area or far away.



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