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'''Feel free to add and edit information about Abandoned Villages'''
#REDIRECT [[:nomad:Abandoned villages]]
= Re-Settlement Approaches =
* [http://openfarmtech.org/wiki/ Open Source Ecology]
== To be Primitivist or not to be Primitivist? ==
* [http://www.globalvillages.org/ Global Villages] - [http://www.give.at/give/gvn/gvndraft.htm 1997 idea draft]
Some [[ecovillages]] in beautiful natural places seemed to attract people who somehow rejected mainstream society, its governance and economics, but also its technology.
[[Dante]] understands such approach, yet would like to experiment with the use of open source peer produced technologies, and p2p collaboration over the internet.
== Neo-Nomad Approach to Networking Re-Settlement Initiatives ==
Possibility of using neo-nomad approaches to create and empower trust building for intentional networked connections and collaborations between individual village re-settlements.
= Places =
== In Spain / Iberia ==
blog detailing abandoned villages in Spain with photos and detailed information
=== Pyrennees ===
reportage d'une petite communaute qui s installe dans un village abandonne ...
a 35km de Pampelune
= More Links =
== Leipzig Project ==
== Nomad Settlements ==

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