Aimless trajectory

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What do you feel, after hitch hiking for a long time, not knowing where you are going, not knowing where to go back to, not having any money left, being on the road, hitch hiking, searching for people to share with...

What do you feel when you see the video below, and remember these times ?

Often I was alone, yet somehow I imagined that somehow there where people I shared this with, that where out there, at the same moment, feeling the same feelings ?

Yet at the same time, paradoxically, I knew very well what I was aiming for, which lead me to be on the road in the first place.

The trajectory becomes aimless, to me, when I forget or loose faith, or can not see the next step, despite having a broad picture and a good understanding of what I personally want to create, but somehow felt I can not create by myself...

Staying on the move, accessing stimulation, accessing encounters... yet being in a state of "in between" most of the time... in between these few moments of "having tea with someone"...


Its like the "warm" part of hitch hiking. What you see when you hitch hike during the day, after waiting a few hours outside in the cold, knowing that in half an hour, at the next petrol station, you may wait for another few hours. It might well be that one falls asleep, or does not feel like getting off at the next petrol station, just going wherever the driver goes as to sleep a bit more and stay warm.