Art of Hosting

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The Art of Hosting is the practice of turning yourself into a host while interacting with other people. You are hosting the interactions you have and create space for meaningful interactions.


The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter is a practice for all who aspire to learn and find new ways of working with others to create innovative and comprehensive solutions.

The current generation of Art of Hosting practitioners are using several practices such as Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Circle, and Appreciative Inquiry in creative and effective ways. This fosters learning in communities or organizations, ignites communities of practice, and strategically encourages social change. These processes foster synergy and provide ways for people to engage with intention, design deliberately, focus on outcomes, and support deliberate action.

Daily Life

The Art of Hosting can be applied to any space where people gather, like meetings, gatherings, conferences, online communities and places were people live together.

With this practice in mind, you as a host tries to make the most out of your interactions with all others, for you, for the other, for both of you, as well as for who yet has to arrive.

Most people already have hosting-experience, for example when they host a party. They welcome new arrivals, ask how they are doing and do their best to create a welcoming atmosphere, to set the scene and create space for interactions. The Art of Hosting is about extending this concept to also other facets of life.

For the purpose of sharing, it is important to embrace the practice of the Art of Hosting. Potentially everyone is a host. A concept that is closely associated with behaving as a host, is the one of a facilitator or enabler.

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