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'''[http://casarobino.org casarobino]''' or simply '''casa''' is a small apartment in Amsterdam shared by nomadic travelers. The place is rented by [[User:Robino|Robino]] who decided to use the space as a home-base for same-minded and sometimes not-so-same-minded people. It is also called a [[nomadbase]].
#REDIRECT [[:nomad:Casarobino]]
'''Guidelines for Sustainability'''
* The house does not like dead animals nor fish; unless you are a kitten.
* You take what you need and share what you want/can.
* Once you are in the house, you share the house
: i.e the house is yours as much as it is anyone else's.
'''Everyone is a Host'''
* Welcome new people into the house.
* Open the door when the doorbell rings if, and only if, they have a current password.
* Respect existing culture, no great civilization has ever forgotten its past.
* Think of others first, before you think of yourself.
'''Contribution Consciousness'''
* Casa loves initiative;
* Collect, Cook, Clean, Create.
* Create space by giving space
* Leave a useful contribution
==Keep it clean==
The house is at its best when it is tidy and semi-organised. If you feel like something is dirty: clean it. This especially counts for the living room, kitchen and bathroom. There are no obligations, just common courtesy. Take your initiative, never anticipate.
* It's common to take off your shoes at the entrance.
* Clean windows give a clear view to the world.
* There are lists of daily, weekly and monthly "fun tasks" on toilet-door, to help keep the house nice and tidy.
* The vacuum cleaners are the closet at the end of the hall (also called the 'torture-room').
* Beer bottles are recycled, so please, ''no cigarette butts in beer bottles''.
=== Garbage ===
* In Amsterdam there is not a lot of garbage separation. They think it is more efficient to separate afterwards.
* Most stuff can be brought right outside, any time. You can put the garbage-bags ''in'' the container in front of the house.
* Turn right and at the end of the street you'll find recycling boxes for paper and glass.
* Glass with refund goes to the supermarkets: some beer bottles. Organic juice bottles go to the organic store.
* Glass recycling is under the sink in the cabinet. Please take glass out when almost full and put bag in hallway for someone to pick up or recycle it yourself right away.
* Big trash and big electronical equipment can be put outside next to the garbage bins from Monday's 9pm until Tuesday 10am.
* Small chemical trash (batteries, paint) and some other related trash can be brought to a special car next to the recycling bins every third tuesday of the month  09.00 – 09.30 
* Check [http://trashwiki.org/ Trashwiki]
* Distribution of Chemical Waste [http://www.loket.amsterdam.nl/loket/bosenlommer/product/56177/bijzonderheden/zoekterm/chemisch+afval]

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