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{{Ecoeco platform table}}
{{Ecoeco platform table}}
{{Ecoeco s.be}}

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The ecoeco platform is a model for measuring applications featuring ecologic economies. Read an introduction to the ecoeco s.be use case.

Template:Ecoeco platform table


Template:Ecoeco s.be

Table legend


  1. Useable platform (it works!)
  2. Centralized
  3. Decentralized (see shareful.be/good)
  4. Distributed (see shareful.be/p2p)
  5. Popularly used (see you)
See also: cooperativity degree, QRS, add relation, Data control manifesto, Information via net, etc.


  1. Basic form
  2. Simple form
  3. Cool form (see add ad)
  4. Sofisticated form (see talk)
  5. Custom forms (see talk)


See Barter software table

Ads agency

  1. Description
  2. Limited categories
  3. Unlimited categories (see add as agent)
  4. Agencying degrees (see talk)
  5. Agencying automating (see talk)

Ownership shareability

  1. Description
  2. Added but without writing permission (see ads sharing)
  3. Partial writing permisions (see talk)
  4. Permissions degrees (see talk)
  5. Full custom permisions (see talk)


  1. Description
  2. Commented mediatable forum
  3. Qualification field in ads (see add qualification)
  4. Qualification field more featured (see talk)
  5. Qualification relation forcing (See a history about theflow)


  1. Category or checkbox
  2. Categories
  3. be.shareful.be
  4. SIzard
  5. Export more or choose just far clauses (see liberada.net)


  1. Descriptions
  2. Counters
  3. Mail trigger (see add threshold)
  4. Charge trigger (see talk)
  5. Custom multi trigger (see talk)

Directed investing

  1. Description
  2. Own ads lists
  3. Platform ads lists (see add relation)
  4. Multiple / Divided diverting (see talk)
  5. Conditioned diverting (see talk)

Projects crowdsourcing

  1. Public comments
  2. Free ratings
  3. Limited / Varied ratings (see add rating)
  4. Hierarchic / Dependencies (see talk)
  5. Automated (see talk)

Axiologic crowdsourcing

  1. Description at profile
  2. Tags at profile
  3. Crowdsourced tags or categories (see add projection)
  4. Relator (see talk)
  5. Recommedor (see DrK)


  1. Currency for values (see karmis)
  2. Currencies for values and evils (see valoris)
  3. Currencies for each value (see couragoris)
  4. Karmis dependencies (see evilmarket full)
  5. P2P blacklist (see hellmule)

Inteligent ontologies

  1. Similar ads terms by admin
  2. Users ads relations
  3. Multiple thematic lists relations (see add keyword)
  4. Implicit activity relationing (see talk)
  5. ...
See also botethics

Reputation trust

  1. Comment before use
  2. Trust types
  3. Some custom fields (see evil code)
  4. Many custom fields (see talk)
  5. Standarized reparations (see footprint compensation tasks)

Corporate user

  1. Mail form
  2. Forum
  3. Registered user (see sbe)
  4. Active user (see talk)
  5. Prominent user (see talk))



See also