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'''Evil code''' is generated in [[shareful.be]] for [[bee]]s letting other bees to place them in [[hell]] and-or  [[zen]].   
'''Evil code''' is generated in [[shareful.be]] for [[bee]]s letting other bees placing them in [[hell]] and-or  [[zen]].   

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Evil code is generated in shareful.be for bees letting other bees placing them in hell and-or zen.

Generating an evil code could serve bees for increasing posible necessary trust between unknown bees before deciding sharing something.

  • Let bee:
(x)Placing me in hell
(x)Placing me in zen
For: (100) days, ()Publickly
Warn me with: (10) days in advance
Get my:
(x)red apple
(x)red apple

  • (x)Request reciprocity: (x)Full (x)Custom

  • Expiries in: (10) days



A simple evil code is a fully reciprocal code for both bees letting placing in hell publickly for 100 days without previous warning that expiries in 10 days.


Use cases

  • There was an unknown and very dubious bee for X (Y) that knocked at X's door because wanted to get to share for a couple of days one of X's red apples that was inside the house.
  • X decided to go with Y downstairs to the street. They talked a bit, and went up for generating an evil code at shareful.be/evil before getting the shareful good. They generated a reciprocal simple evil code expirable in one week.
  • X received back the good at his house and told Y that (s)he was going to delete the evil code later before it expiries.