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{{Evil code}}
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Generating an '''evil code''' is an option for bees increasing posible ''necessary'' [[trust]] before deciding sharing something.
Sample form:
* (x)Let [[eviler]] bee placing me in [[hell]]
<br />
:(x)[[#For|For]]: (100) days, ()Publicly, ()[[#Ever|Ever]]
<br />
:(x)[[#Compensable|Compensable]], (x)[[#Fully compensable|fully]], (x)[[#with|with]]:
<br />
:(x)[[#Warn me with|Warn me with]]: (10) days in advance
<br />
:(x)[[#Get my|Get my]]:
<br />
::(x)[[red apple]]
<br />
:: (x)[[red apple]]
<br />
:: (x)[[Plant]]1
<br />
:: (x)[[Plant]]2
<br />
:: ...
<br />
* (x)[[#Request reciprocity|Request reciprocity]]
<br />
* [[#Expires in|Expires in]]: (10) days
<br />
* [[#Cast a curse|Cast a curse]]
=Evil code legend=
Find the form further explained.
==Warn me with==
'''Warn me with''' is field for letting a delay to happen before finally sending someone to hell. The [[heller]] gets an agreed delay in his action and notifies the [[helled]] before finally [[helling]] him.
Default is ''without warning''.
See also: [[Evil flame before hell]] article
'''For''' is a field for sending someone to hell for a while. The hell period (entry and exit date) is specified once the evil code is generated.
Default is for ''(100) days''.
See also: [[Still eviled after hell]] article
(For)'''Ever''' is a field for sending someone to hell forever.
'''Compensable''' is a field for allowing the evil coded to go to [[purgatory]], where there are some posible compensations to be done for repairing the damage (developing damaged sharefulness by default) while keeping the historic records.
See also [[Shareful.be/Repairing]] methodologies
===Fully compensable===
'''Fully compensable''' is a field for allowing the evil coded to get out from hell, without keeping any historic records of it.
(Fully) (compensable) '''With''' is a field for allowing the evil coded to get out of hell by doing some compensating sharefulness development tasks pre-especified by the evil coder.
==Require reciprocity==
'''Require reciprocity''' is a field for both bees being evil coder and evil coded when any of them accept being evil coded.
Default is ''not requiring reciprocity''
==Get my==
'''Get my''' is a field for additionally giving the ownership of some of the evil coded [[apple]]s to the evil coder.  
Default is ''not getting anything''
==Expires in==
'''Expires in''' is a field for adding the period of time that the evil coder has for evil coding the other bee. 
Default is ''(10) days''
==Cast a curse==
'''Cast a curse''' is a field for the evil coder adding a message attached to the evil coded when going to hell.
=Evil code types=
==Simple evil code==
A '''simple evil code''' is a default evil code. It is a fully reciprocal code letting placing in [[hell]] publickly, without previous warning. for 100 days, compensably, that expiries in 10 days, without getting any [[apple]].
=Use cases=
: There was an unknown and very dubious bee for [[X]] (Y) that knocked at X's door because wanted to get to share for a couple of days one of X's [[red apple]]s that was inside the house.
:: X decided to go with Y downstairs to the street. They talked a bit, and went up for generating an [[evil code]] at [http://shareful.be/evil shareful.be/evil] before getting the shareful good. They generated a reciprocal [[Evil code#Simple|simple evil code]] expirable in one week. 
::: X received back the good at his house and told Y that (s)he was going to delete the evil code later before it expiries.
=See also=
* [[Zen code]]
[[Category:Evil code]]

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