Flash City

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Enable "flash mobs" to build up towns within one night.

My interest for this idea comes from regulations, in certain countries ( Brasil , Turkey ? ) where "land squatters" have some level of legal protection if they build up their house overnight - as they benefit from certain housing non-eviction laws.

Furthermore, in the case such squatted settlements grow to up to a certain amount of citizens ( 2000 ? ) , they can put forward a special status as a town, elect a mayor, and receive specific legal privileges.

I would like to figure out how non centralized emergent collaboration can happen , supporting a "flash mob" which can set up such infrastructures, apply specific legal status, and then further develop while using materials and modules which can be designed before hand, and emergent planning which can follow certain protocols as to progressively build up infrastructures for hygiene, transportation, etc

People Interested : Dante