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A guideline for a sharist might be to have absolute freedom to determine your own life (autonomy) but not to have this freedom limiting the freedom of others. Freedom is to be equally distributed. How you limit or increase the freedom of others around you is a debate that has been on the core of all power-struggles.

The state is the institutional body that defines rights of freedom or liberty. The state is the monopolisation of power, and is the main body that limits or increase the freedom of individuals, by granting or denying certain rights.

Liberals argue that to compete on a Free Market is an example of freedom. However competition also undermines the freedom of others when power-relations are unequal among peers. As such the Free Market is an example of the praxis of Survival of the Fittest. Through interventions modern states aim at decreasing the impact of the Free Market on social life, by protecting the "weak" and as such keeping this system alive.

Closely related to this is the concept of Rights, Power and Autonomy.