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Julien and Elsy are moving to Lyon. Soon there will be a new nomad base there :)

Both are looking for a job there. If you have one spare, share a bit.

Current plan

Julien goes as an advance party. Elsy joins later.

List of contacts



Stuff to check

  • Hackerspaces?
  • : an event calendar with alternative radical political infos for Lyon
  • grrrndzero : they organise a buch of nice concerts
  • la Luttine : a DIY punk infoshop open on Saturdays

Finding a flat


Lots of stuff.

Looks like from the 90s.

Rue St catherine

This one is right on the local Grosse Freiheit. The price per square meter is quite low because they probably assume nobody wants to live there. Well, assume again.
I wrote them. We should call on the 2nd jan or something. --Sitarane


Go check the university message board.


add yours