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This project appears to be dormant. Please update if there are any news.

Lyon Zero is a community skillsharing-university. Participants propose workshops that others can freely attend. All topics can be addressed, depending on the desires of each participant

Its intention is not "to reform the traditional university model, but to offer a choice between this model and an university where learning can be built on sharing skills. In this model, motivation replaces penalty, cooperation replaces selection, diversity replaces hierarchy."

Each participant is annually granted a diploma that lists the workshops they took part in. The daily tasks (such as cleaning the rooms, printing papers, etc.) are carried out collectively.


An assembly of eight people randomly selected is in charge to keep the university running, such as organizing meetings, managing student registrations, speaking in the name of the university, etc. Collective decisions are proposed, debated and made through the gatherings of all the registered participants.

Official status

LyonZero is designed as being sustainable. Participants intend to have Lyon Zero recognized and officially supported (for example by being hosted inside an existing university).

"We also wish that participants benefit from "student status" and access to all its advantages (scholarships, housing assistance, health insurance, etc.). Lyon Zero will therefore be accessible to everybody and not only to the ones who have the confort of money and free time."

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