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(Maintenance page about current migrations.)
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''Maintenance page about current migrations.''
#REDIRECT [[Category:Move to Nomadwiki]]
== Migration to [[:nomad:|Nomadwiki]] ==
* Sharewiki has >50 [[:Category:Stubs|stubs]]. Some of those pages are just placeholders and contain only one sentence with a category. To improve the quality of this wiki, these pages could be included to already existing related pages.
* Content useful for traveling [[:nomad:Nomadwiki.org:Community_portal#Info_from_other_wiki_.3F|should be moved]] from Sharewiki to [[:nomad:|nomadwiki.org]]. To mark pages or categories add the template <nowiki>{{move_to_nomadwiki}}</nowiki> and they will appear in [[:Category:Move_to_Nomadwiki]].
* See also [[:hitch:Hitchwiki:Migrating content to other wikis]]
[[Sharewiki.org_talk:Community portal#Content|Discuss this]]

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