Models of Nomadic Co-Living

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The goal of this page is to make a list of all sorts of possible models of Nomadic Co-living. This list wants to be as inclusive as possible, hence it includes many different projects alltogether.

Free Lands

  • Land in some countries is free to access. You can be as free as you want and wonder around, eat fruits and veggies when you find them. This is the greatest and biggest nomadbase on the planet.


Households can be single households or multiple person household. These households can be shared with nomads.

  • Rooms available for nomads. Long term, short term (one week?).
  • Every house would have their own rules


  • That has a certain turn-over rate can be a turnover rate. If people can come for a month, a couple of week (a period compatible with nomadic lifestyle). In this situation it is also possible that nomads pay the normal rent as anyone else.
    • Advantages: There is already a 'commons' there. You don't have to start new, there is a bed, internet, etc.
    • It can even be more a nomadbase if these people are willing to host.