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[[Category:Other concepts]]
[[Category:Other concepts]]

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short theory

Approach for managing resources needed by a given project, in particular project never accepts money, only direct donaction of real resurces. Not accepting money (imaginary/fictional pseudo resource) helps to better realize acctual needs and dependencies of the project.

Clear definition of acctual needs also can improve finding alternatives and involve more people into the proccess of planning and creating a budget.

As money on its own have no use (since it doesn't even exist in physical reality, just in imagination of some human beings), any project can state its needs and dependencies directly. All not available yet resources and help can stay published as a wishlist of a project.


instad of stating 'We need 5 mln BS' for Sharewiki this year

more direct and realistic budget for Sharewiki:

  • domain name
  • hosting for a webiste
  • hosting for backups
  • help with administating the server
  • etc. (but not any money!)

which again makes clear and precise wishlist!