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Nomadic people (Greek: νομάδες, nomádes, "those who let pasture herds") are communities of people who move from one place to another, rather than settling permanently in one location. There are an estimated 30 to 40 million nomads in the world. While most of these nomads are part of rather traditional nomadic tribes, there is also a small but increasing amount of young people (mostly in the Western world) who adopt a nomadic lifestyle, roaming around freely without a fixed house.

These nomads can also be called Neonomads. Even today's Neo Nomads, especially the ones traveling without money, through hitchhiking or just in general who travel by trusting strangers, learn to receive, hence to give and share, according to needs of the holistic self.

Other and older terms used to describe these neo-nomads are for example hobos.

Humans have been surviving for hundreds of thousands of years as nomadic tribes, maximizing the effectiveness of the use of resources through sharing within their tribes. Still today, some of the harshest places on earth are inhabited by nomads.

See also: A wikistory on Digital Nomads

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