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Brainstormings regarding Neo-Nomadic Tribal Approaches

[Dante] suggests , midst other :

Possibly some coalition people may be interested in developing such "semi-neo-nomadic" approach together with me ? :)

I ve personally lived a hitch hiking nomad lifestyle for a few years, and find a (semi?) nomad approach of interest ( also see : )

I am aware that there is at least one "cycling tribe" roaming in southern france.


inter-related recent brainstormings below...

or here :

" Vision : Semi-Nomad Healing Post-Industrial Tribes + Oasis "!topic/econowmix/Mq7w-b273OQ

" Nomad Villages and Parametric Design - Modular Temporary Tensegrity Villages " Mark Roest: the inventor of the Bosch Captive Column structural system received a call from a guy assisting Bucky Fuller at 11 one night, to congratulate Larry on behalf of Bucky for achieving what he was trying to do with the tensegrity strut. The real key is not allowing the compression member to bend under load -- see How it Works, at <>. You could consider whether to use a high-tech, lightweight fabric (whether silk or kevlar, it's expensive). Maybe hemp is a good compromise, or parachute cloth. You could design a long Bosch Captive Column spar with local reinforcement every 5 feet or so to tolerate clamps for seat-pedal-derailleur-chain-wheel, but I don't know how it would turn, but you could take the bike parts off at night and throw a tarp over it and you have an instant short takeoff on an Iroquois longhouse. Oh, well... Whatever you build, the ultimate weight-saver for any kind of stick is graphite columns, kevlar or other aramid skin, and radially-oriented (fibers going from center outward to columns, at 90 degrees to long axis) fiberglass core. But it takes a long time to build them by hand, or to build winders and jigs if you don't know what you need to do, going in. A bunch of joining sleeves and fiberglass pultrusions can make up long sticks to make a quick geodesic over which you can throw a large tent. (Sail-makers and tent-makers are good resources.) Haul it in a bike trailer. Roll up the sides for exhibitions, and for daytime use; everyone has a distinctive bike trailer and stores personal belongings in it, along with a share of the community goods. Be sure to have plenty of ties sewn in, so it can be secured so it does not blow away in a storm. Make a large portable solar cooker (or a few), and complement them with rocket stoves for high heat, or heat at all when it's clouded over or at night, for communal meals. Even dried dung will burn in rocket stoves, so you can show them to nomadic herders, along with wicker drying racks to tie on the backs of the livestock. That way they no longer need to break branches off trees in mountain deserts where they no longer grow back in time.

Speaking of deserts, a lot of water can be carried slung under, or resting just over, the axle of a bike trailer, for times when the little water bottles don't cut it between oases. There are also ways to harvest water vapor from poly sheets in the early morning, and desert lore tells how to find what water there is, so it's worth making friends of those who live in the local desert.

Good luck!

Mark Roest!topic/econowmix/K1Ewe5rpfxs

" Composite Architecture , Textile Buildings , Modular and Nomadic, Dimaxion House, Parametric Design, ... "!topic/econowmix/N1nt0JNsN7Y

Also see "Beyond Road Burn Out":



RSS feed :


On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 2:42 PM, Dante-Gabryell Monson <[email protected]> wrote:

Emerging Tribes of (Cycling?) Nomads,

with various "Specializations" and "Missions/Services", while, each individual as entity capable of general/holistic understanding and/co-learning. and the tribe becoming very experienced in "Collective Intelligence" and "Capability for Emergency Response", along stigmergic tools and practices.

Type of potential mission :

Land healing consulting ; Land Permaculture Set up and consulting, Modular ( tent ? ) constructions, set up of post-industrial production infrastructure, complementary finance and currency consulting, ... etc


The tribe could be cycling across europe, staying connected to the internet, having "eclaireurs/scouts" charged of future mission preparations, enabling certain decisions to be co-informed through technology and general assemblies, having rotating and self chosen tasks ( external mission tasks, but also self preservation tasks such as operation of food and kitchen, shelter / tent maintainance, bike maintainance, self-learning support, mutual-caring support, etc )


A permanently moving tribe, which can stay on missions in certain places, such as "circuses" used to do, while moving from north to southern europe, according to the seasons.


Land would be put to disposal ( for camping - with special kinds of comfortable and light weight "mobile villages" ) by the farmers or communities that wish to welcome the "nomads" and/or employ them for their services.


Money earned could go into maintaining the movement of the collective, with surplus invested in setting up "oasis", which are the movements more permanent "bases", to which nomads can return to.

Investments can be made for infrastructure as to increase progressively autonomy from dependencies on monopolistic economic networks / support diversification,

and investments can also be made in the cheapest land ( within potential for ideal context development ) on which value can then be created outside of monopolistic economic networks.


Hence a trans-modern approach to semi-nomadism, such as the nomads who trade salt on their camels, going on expeditions, and then returning to their oasis.

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From: Dante-Gabryell Monson <[email protected]> Date: Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 3:02 PM Subject: Nomad Villages and Parametric Design - Modular Temporary Tensegrity Villages To: [email protected]

Additional Brainstorming :

I also imagine such villages of nomads using "modular" tent like structures, using "tensegrity" and "Parametric Design" with 3d modelling calculations, using data about future terrains that will be used for the temporary village, as to "re-assemble" the "tent village" based on all modular lightweight objects available, potential to include or add local materials and soil for temporary constructions, and calculate a re-design for a temporary village,

of which each of the modular components of the tents, which can also use tensegrity approaches,

are then re-calculated in their position, and where each modular element becomes a "spime" with its own uri ( unique resource identifier ) allocated to the rfid ( magnetic ) tag of the object,

hence making it easy for any of the "builders" to follow assembling instructions from their smart phone, based on the re-assembly plans,

as to re-build customized villages ,

after they have been designed using "parametric design" and generative architecture softwares.

also see this post :!topic/econowmix/N1nt0JNsN7Y

" Composite Architecture , Textile Buildings , Modular and Nomadic, Dimaxion House, Parametric Design, ..."

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