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(result of a discussion between robino, bobby, kardan and other folks at brueckenschlaeger.de)
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January 2009 [http://nomadbase.org/ nomadbase.org] is in an alpha stage.
* January 2009 [http://nomadbase.org/ nomadbase.org] is in an alpha stage.
* August 2009 [https://we.riseup.net/nomadbase Nomadbase] is now a group on [[crabgrass]] to discuss the feature-list and on [[https://code.brueckenschlaeger.de/projects/nomads/ redmine]] to discuss code-development. Discussion currently focuses on using a branch of [[crabgrass]].
[[Category:Practice of Sharing]]

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A nomad base is a shared living space where all inhabitants can feel like hosts.

A nomad base can be a shared living space rented or owned by one or more individuals who decide to share it with nomads.

We can work on a description, (a nomad base manifesto?) that can be publicized in various cities through hospitality exchange networks and forums, inspiring and inviting other "houses" to join a nomadbase network or inspire other individuals that are already using their houses as nomad bases to connect with each other.

We don't want to set any specific rules or definitions of what a nomad base should be, but describe certain potential properties/tendencies/intentions of nomadic bases, the kind of dynamics likely to develop in such bases, ...