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A nomad base is a shared living space where all inhabitants can feel like hosts. It is a place where the inhabitants - how temporary they may be - feel at home and can learn and share at the same time. A shared culture or participation is highly necessary for these spaces to remain sustainable.

A nomad base can be a shared living space (like a house or a eco-village) rented, owned or squatted by one or more individuals who decide to share this space with nomads. It can also be a temporary space on a temporary location like some piece of land. Each location might have their own specific culture, focus and or conditions of living.


There might be many nomad-bases around the world, but these are somehow not so much connected with each other yet. To help creating a network of houses and spaces, the website was started. To make new connections between houses, spaces and nomadic travelers, a conference is in preparation to take place in Berlin towards the end of November: SHE goes MAD.


We can work on a description, (a nomad base manifesto?) that can be publicized in various cities through hospitality exchange networks and forums, inspiring and inviting other "houses" to join a nomadbase network or inspire other individuals that are already using their houses as nomad bases to connect with each other.

We don't want to set any specific rules or definitions of what a nomad base should be, but describe certain potential properties/tendencies/intentions of nomadic bases, the kind of dynamics likely to develop in such bases, ...