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==Short version==
==Full version==
Hospitality for the traveler has always been a major component of all cultures around the world.
We live in an era when things are changing fast. In big cities, hospitality as a concept is increasingly forgotten, because people are disconnected from each other and do not feel concerned. There is paranoia: it's too dangerous, there are freaks out there, and why don't they just get a hotel room ? But things are still changing fast... Hospitality is coming back under the impulse of [[hospex]]. But [[hospex]] and hospitality, though they share some characteristics, are still different concepts.
Already, there are some places in this world, in the heart of those big heartless cities, where travelers are welcomed by other travelers. Where they sit at the table as a member of a family. Where they are able to stay more than a couple of days. Where they participate in projects of the community. Where they are allowed to start their own project. Where they even host themselves and welcome other travelers, before they set on their way again. Those houses are havens for [[nomads]] that have been on the road for long, changing location every few days.
They already exist.
Everywhere around the world, there are people that decided to open their homes to the traveler on a permanent basis.
Until now, it seems that each of them had to innovate and reinvent the wheel. If only they knew one another...
We want to introduce them, we want to give a new playground to hospitality.

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