Nomadbase communication

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General plan

  • Produce sound communication material
  • Let the world know
  • That's it

More detailed plan

To do

  • Write a manifest
  • Write sample message for organisations
  • Write sample message for CS city group
isn't this seperate from CS? Are we really looking for 'numbers'?
It is separate, doesn't mean we can't use it. If there are existing places that are dreaming of a network of communities, they might be following some CS group. It's just a way to reach them. It doesn't mean we go for the million member madness and donation extorsion --Sitarane 23:48, 23 November 2009 (UTC)
  • Write sample message for general interest forums (What do you think of this initiative...)
  • Set up twitter and facebook presence


  • One short manifest, one detailed.
  • Sample messages, they help to have a consistant tone.
  • Design a flyer, put it available to members on the website.
  • Write a Nomadbase setting up handbook.
That's a bit too much. I mean, teaching people?
Well, that would more be a communication tool than an actual manual. Just to show that it is "that easy"