Nomadbase communication strategy

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The communication strategy aims at bringing the knowledge of the existence of the nomadbase initiative to:

  • Already existing nomadbases that wish to network with other similar initiatives
  • People that wish to benefit from the experience of existing and networked nomad bases in order of open their own.

List of ideas

Each item of that list must be made into a paragraph further down the page, or a page of their own.

  • Define a "nomadbase maintainer profile"
  • List the channels that we may use to reach them
  • Don't communicate too much (couchsurfing syndrome) ?????
  • Open a communication page to list all the communication related items.

Communication profile

Lets describe a personality that would apply to 70% of nomadbase maintainers but would not be too specific. We can use that "profile" to set the tone of our communication.

So, what does a nomad base maintainer look like?

  • Age: 25-35
  • Generous
  • Financially self sufficient
  • Superior education.
  • High degree of social skills
  • Non conformist
  • Alternative political views
  • Strong personality - Don't like to be told what to do
  • Not necessarily traveller
  • Curious about new/efficient social paradigm

How to reach them


  • Hospitality networks
    • Create groups
    • Spam CS city groups and related interest groups.
  • Facebook
    • Open a page
    • Link it to the profiles of the people participating in the initiative.
  • Twitter
    • Open an account
    • Use a hashtag
  • Other social net tool?

Put someone in charge of all that. There's nothing so pathetic than disused communication tool.

How? We're no slave of the community!


What's that? Well, let's take an extreme: Some hippie commune with just one MS Windows computer that is always off anyways.

  • Send travelers.
  • Have communication material available in key-physical-places

What kind of physical places our non-tech target are likely to be found?

See "Organisations" chapter below


Some organisations that are on the same wavelengh would link our website, all it takes is to let them know. Also, for the non-tech, organisation with physical venues might be the only propagation vector.

List of key words

Non profits, fair trade, environmental stuff, WOOF

Communication tools

What do we actually use. Well, that goes on the communication page.