Nomadbase social contract

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This page is the drafting of a social contract for the nomadbase project. Its aim is:

  • To state binding guidelines on what the project aims at and what it will never aim at
  • To make public the fact that nomadbase has an intention behind it.


List here social contracts from other projects that may inspire us in drafting the perfect one.

Here it goes

It is about the community

Nomadbase aims at facilitating community-building. It is to be run by the community, for the community. The interest of the community is the interest of nomadbase. Participants are encouraged to become involved in the decision that affect them.

Free of charge, now and forever

Participants cannot be demanded financial contribution.

Open source and transparency

Whether it is the software used, the cultural material used or produced, the intentions shared, being opened is a priority. No copyright. Nomadbase doesn't hide problems. It achieves the highest level of organisational transparency.

Total tolerance

Regardless of race, gender, socio-cultural background, and other criteria of discrimination.

My data, my life

Participants stay owner of the information they give. They are the one to decide what is done with it. In particular, nomadbase doesn't, and will never sell, share or distribute personal data without the explicit consent of their owner. Participants can hide, modify, export or remove any bit of it. They can cancel their participation anytime.

Bill of Response-Abilities

meant as a gift through intentional "ability to response", and not an expectation to comply / not as a restrictive "obligation". A parallel can be made with certain aspects of copylefted licenses : in such kind of libre licenses , the intention is to leave created value open to others to add value to. An encouragement to "positive liberty" :

excerpt : "Positive liberty refers to having the power and resources to act to fulfill one's own potential, as opposed to negative liberty, which refers to freedom from restraint."