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'''''to work towards a post-scarcity society'''''
'''''to work towards a post-scarcity society'''''
'''''for a more efficient society'''''
'''''for a more efficient society'''''
'''''make the best of what we have'''''
'''''make the best of what we have'''''
'''''maximizing what is limited'''''
'''''maximizing what is limited'''''

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The Post Scarcity Foundation is a stub. Feel free to edit, be critical and add ideas!


to work towards a post-scarcity society

for a more efficient society

make the best of what we have

maximizing what is limited


Means of achieving post-scarcity:


  • informationn, culture
    • post-scarcity is around the corner, held back by big media corporations and e.g. Apple
  • software
  • communication
    • close
  • transport
    • lots of potential
  • food
    • local production
      • guerilla gardening
    • waste reduction
    • vegetarianism/veganism

The websites

No ads, except for possibly Adbard or similar ethical advertising?

The wiki

We already have it, Sharewiki suits fine!

The blog

The next step. Regular blog posts about post-scarcity.

The social network


  • By signing up you will state that you will act towards a post-scarcity society?
  • First 1000? members invitation only?


  • hook into existing networks, FB, CS, twt
  • joindiaspora?
  • practical:
    • ride shares
    • hospitality exchange

Stuff it will own

  • Various domains: sharewiki, trashwiki, nomadbase.org, sustainablepost.org, hitchgathering.org, couchwiki.org
  • Possibly: casarobino.org, randomroads.org

An official organization

  • In the Netherlands
  • Can fund projects like Hitchwiki, Trashwiki, new projects
    • Provide money to people to focus on developing these projects
  • Can receive EU funding
  • Accepts donations


  • guaka wants to found this in 2010, plus technological
  • Robino is also committed.
  • Sitarane for some community slave service
  • add yourself if you want to help - add what you want to help with