Resilient Engine

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Dante is interested in challenging engineers, including engineers working with German Automotive companies, to converge around a project focusing on Resilience

Resilience relation to all aspects related to engine propulsion:

from collaboration in design, to manufacturing, to energy sources, to maintainance and logistics.


As for now, certain german automotive engineering seems to focus on "efficiency", which may require very specialized labor and very specific components.

Such push towards efficiency being itself pushed by european directives focusing on carbon emission reductions.

Example with some recent "hybrid" cars focused on efficiency :

Hydrogen Combustion Engine



Dante wishes to invite engineers to Leipzig for a post-industrial re-thinking for "Resilient" engines.

BMW Leipzig

excerpts of video

@71'th second - "Practical and Unconventional"

@85'th second Interdepency : "Show each one how their role is inter-related"

BMW - Sustainability reports

excerpt from BMW :

"Numerous other ratings and awards also confirm the company’s lead role in the field of sustainability. But for the BMW Group this is only the beginning. It is obvious that sustainability is set to play an even bigger role in defining premium mobility of the future – from environmentally-friendly drive trains and resource-friendly production processes to new, sustainable services in the field of individual mobility. In the future, “premium” will inevitably comprise the concept of sustainability. The manufacturer with the more efficient and resource-friendly production, who offers the most visionary solutions for eco-friendly individual mobility, will have the competitive edge."

Further contexts

Open Source and p2p Manufacturing


Efficiency Vs Resilience

... or approaches to balance efficiency and resilience as to

obtain greater sustainability.

Viewed from ecosystems approach in economic contexts :

Excerpt - page 16 of pdf - graph on page 17


"Efficiency measures the ability of a system to process volumes of the relevant matter-, energy- and/or information-flow.

Resilience measures the ability of a system to recover from a disturbance.

These variables have been more formally defined as follows:

  • 1) Efficiency: a network’s capacity to perform in a sufficiently organized and efficient

manner as to maintain its integrity over time; and

  • 2) Resilience: a networks reserve of flexible fall-back positions and diversity of actions that

can be used to meet the exigencies of novel disturbances and the novelty needed for on-going development and evolution (Holling, 1973, 1986; Walker, et al., 2006)."


Dante connects "sharing" to a "sustainability" approach.