Rooftop Remedies

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Rooftop Remedies is an idea for exchanging skills, knowledge and resources about urban farming and sustainable energy on a local and international level.

It is about creating distributed systems based on real social networks to create a base of local resilience, in the form of shared food and energy.


Small groups of people that offer to sustain gardens and small urban farms in their localities in exchange for a part of the fruits of labour. This also fits very well in the wider concept of Circles of Sharing or Exchange City. Contributing as a local farmer gives you also access to other resources.

  • frisch vom dach / fresh from the roof offer a food container including a fish tank and a greenhouse on top - best suited for urban areas. The next project is a 7.000 m2 roof farm [de] on the 'malt factory' in berlin. more on [en]
  • collects success stories about urban farming
  • The mission of CityFarmer is to connect urban dwellers with the values, principles and practices of urban homesteading, urban farming, community gardening, locavorism and edible schoolyards. Second only to those values and practices is the identity itself: I am a City Farmer. Connected to DesertUrbanGardens (both on facebook)
  • City Farmers - 'News from the farm in the middle of the city!' - "specializes in those hard-to-find items that big box and chain stores just aren’t interested in. Further, we organically maintain every plant, bush and tree as Mother Nature intended."
  • start yourself with worm composting even in your small flat - without smell