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sending an e-mail to
sending an e-mail to
==More Info==
==More Info==
[http://nomadbase.org/2009/11/03/sheisnyc-sustainablehospitalityexchangeisnowyourcall Call for participation]
[http://nomadbase.org/2009/11/03/sheisnyc-sustainablehospitalityexchangeisnowyourcall Call for participation]

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She in New York is a proposal for a she type conference to discuss nomadism in New York, similar to the She conference in Berlin.

For more information about SHE in US, see also the Formerly Unanswered Questions.


5-6th of December 2009


Ganas, a well established intentional living community located in Staten Island

Here can be hosted up to 10 ppl with sleeping bags on the floor.

5 more hosting spaces (sleeping bag/floor) at Open Nest


  • Trashwiki: [1], Dumpster Diving


What would we like to accomplish?

  • Network people in the United States
  • Spread the idea of a 'nomadbase'
  • Practice Open Space, facilitation and consensus
  • Exchange experiences of living while traveling
  • compare and learn from different models of nomadic bases and intentional living


Who are the neo-nomads? How do we travel? How do we survive on budget? How do we deal with borders? And foremost, how can we live together, learn, share, take decisions and cooperate? What are the experiences in United States and how do they differ/are similar to Europe?

A loose network of nomads, long term travelers, hackers, facilitators and hospitality exchange addicts is hosting a conference on (postmodern/neo)nomadic culture, with a strong focus on setting up spaces/bases/places that are open for nomads. The conference takes place in Berlin at the end of November. See http://sharewiki.org/en/she

As a follow up of this conference, a gathering has been set up in New York on the 5-6th of December. Hosted by Ganas, a well established intentional living community located in Staten Island, SHE in NYC has the goal of promoting neo-nomadic culture, long term traveling and the creation/connection of nomadic bases through brainstorming and sharing experiences from the field.

To discuss about these topics, we want to bring together:

  • Nomadic travelers and nomadic workers
  • Full-time Hospitality Hosts
  • People interested in long term hospitality
  • People interested in nomad culture
  • People interested in Open Space and facilitation
  • People interested setting up Real Social Networks
  • People who live in larger shared houses intentional communities
  • People interested in freeganism and utopias
  • People interested in sharing skills on the topics mentioned above

Nomads living outside NY are invited to join and will be hosted at Ganas (up to 10 people). We hope to find hosts for the rest of the participants in NYC area.

For nomadic base we refer to any space in which long term travelers who believe in hospitality exchange can rest without feeling hosted. And where their participation to the base is essential.

How to participate

Sign up on nomadbase.org

Introduce yourself ( also please add a link to hospitality exchange network, your website or other social networks) sending an e-mail to

[email protected]

More Info

Call for participation