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SHE goes MAD is a proposed conference to take place in Berlin towards the end of November 2009. The aim of the conference is to connect people together whose intention is to set up a network of nomadic spaces, spaces where nomads feel at home.


She stands for Sustainable Hospitality Exchange. SHE was also a conference that took place in Amsterdam, june 2008. For more information, check here. SHE goes MAD is the proposed title for the conference in Berlin. MAD stands for nomadic but MAD in itself is just too cool to not use.

Open Space

The format of the conference will be an open space format. There is no fixed agenda and participants themselves will set up topics once the conference starts.

This also means that separate topics could be discussed in different spaces at the same time. Participants vote with their feet: you go where you feel in your place - where you can learn or contribute.

Basically, whenever two people are together discussing a related topic, a meeting has started. Topics can also change during the conference, depending on how things move along.

Spaces would for example include:

  • Meeting space A, B and C (need naming)
  • Social space (for 'off-topic')
  • Skill-share space A and B


A common way of starting a gathering like this is to first do an introduction rounds in a big group or even smaller groups.

It is important for people to feel comfortable with each other, so they feel free to exchange their knowledge and their thoughts without reservations. What also works well is to have a box where people can write down their main questions for what they want to learn/ get out of the meeting before making some form of (dynamic) agenda.

As a reference, we can already start sharing our ideas for topics or questions here below. These topics could later be grouped.

Topics/ Questions

  • Current nomadbases, origins and culture
  • Cultures of living together
  • How to set up more nomad-bases
  • How do we want to build up an online network
  • Different funding models
  • Relation with existing hospitality exchange networks
  • Traveling school of life
  • Build/ draw your favorite house
  • Actual economic needs for a nomad
  • Lightfoot Sustainable Post
  • Hacking artificial scarcity
  • Building up peer production infrastructures
  • Sustaining a family as a nomad
  • Best countries to officially register your residence ( in EU )
  • How to collaborate on long term projects as a nomad
  • How to build social recognition as a nomad
  • How to build up recognition of our role towards society
  • How to create ( our own ) reference points as a nomad
  • How to remember our intentions and build on them
  • How to communicate with others who do not experience multiple shifting realities
  • Keeping presence when faced to other peoples fears
  • Experience of Representation Vs Experience of being
  • How to have stable intimate relationships as a nomad
  • How to collaborate and receive support from mainstream institutions as a nomad
  • Beyond Collectivism ? Beyond Individualism ? Beyond Self-Actualization
  • Stigmergic Tools
  • DIY Primitivists Vs Minimalist DIY Technologists ?
  • Hackable Nomad Gear ?
  • Festivalism
  • Metaphysics of the Hitch Hiker
  • Usership of Private Spaces ?
  • Sustainable Non-Reciprocal Exchange and Units of Measurment ?
  • Hyperlocal Nomadism
  • add yours

Skillsharing-sessions that are likely to start whenever it starts

  • Poi/ play with fire
  • Bread-making
  • Meditation
  • Intuitive Traveling
  • add yours

Further ideas

Work and learn

The intention of the conference is not only to share ideas, but also to get things done, build networks and extend our community. A proposal is to come together in the weeks before and after the conference to implement and work on things such as coding, website and communication.


Please sign up through grabgrass


An invitation is to be made and send through the familiar networks


There are several options for a location. Discussion goes through grabgrass


  • 20.11.2009 - 27.11.2009 Meet
  • 27.11.2009 - 30.11.2009 Main



Stay connected

To stay connected, please watch this wiki-space, check or please sign up through grabgrass