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A Gathering To Connect Nomadbases

An open space conference on (neo)nomadic-culture in Berlin in the last ten days of November, with the main conference from the 27th to 30th of November 2009.

From hospitality exchange networks and nomads who want to live and work where-ever they feel like, towards a culture of shared places. SHE is a conference that intends to connect people who want to build up networks of shared nomad houses: places where a nomad can feel at home, host, participate, teach, learn and share - as a way of life.

In the past years, many nomads, travelers, activists, hackers, and active hospitality exchange participants, have taken the initiative to set up different types of shared nomad houses, lived the life of a nomad or have set up infrastructure to host travelers permanently. We would like to explore possibilities to build further upon these initiatives.

We share the intention to foster our networks and to exchange our experiences, knowledge and inspirations. Main questions we share: What is a nomadbase? Am I a nomad? What connects us? What is the culture we create? Where can we go from here?

We gather and share our ideas by open space technology: the conference is fluid, everyone can add points to the agenda and we all influence how this (un)conference takes shape. While we intend to keep our focus on nomadic culture, shared housing, and how to sustain and extend our current networks.

Currently we work with the following online platforms:

Who is SHE?

SHE or 'Sustainable Hospitality Exchange' was an unconference type event that took place in Amsterdam, June 2008.

Its main focus was how hospitality exchange could be made (more) sustainable on a personal, inter-personal (guest-host relationship), community and network-level (bewelcome and couchsurfing for example). Thirty people shared ideas and experiences about forms of hospitality exchange, learning while traveling and implications for our lives.

More info:

It took place in what is currently called a nomadbase, a self-organised house for both traveling and stationary nomads. In this house inhabitants experimented with the idea of how to be 'hospitable sustainably'. Over the past year, this has inspired even more people to set up similar places, while at the same time (and also before), other people have already been creating those. The event-conference SHE goes MAD (It is SHE again), wants to connect such initiatives for mutual inspiration and learning.