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Invitation in progress. Please share thoughts, make edits, etc. --Robino 19:21, 2 September 2009 (UTC)

SHE goes MAD! SHE connects nomadbases! Be at home, whenever, wherever.

To help sustaining our culture of traveling and living wherever you want, nomadic travelers are intending to build up a network of places and spaces where you can come to live, work, feel at home, participate, teach, learn and share. To create new connections and make this network more profound we intend to organise a conference in Berlin towards the end of November.

... Both working and sharing.

... Nomad-Bases

who is she

SHE was a conference on Sustainable Hospitality Exchange that took place in Amsterdam, June 2008. The participants focused on how hospitality exchange could be sustainable, on a personal, inter-personal (guest-host relationship), community and network-level (bewelcome and couchsurfing). The 30 people present over the weekend shared many ideas and experiences about different forms of hospitality exchange, learning while traveling and its implications for our lives.

The event took place in what is currently called a nomadbase, a self-organised house for both traveling and more stationary nomads. In this house the inhabitants implemented the idea of how to have a welcoming and sustainable house-environment. Over the past year, this has inspired many more people to set up similar places, while at the same time (and even before), other people have been setting up similar spaces independently. SHE goes MAD wants to connect these initiatives to help sustaining each other, to learn from each other and to mutually inspire.

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