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You (the Public) are invited to Co-use this Good now or make a reservation for a Reasonable Session according to the following conditions:

Good's Co-usage preference

Co-user(s) are required to tell about this Invitation and its Attachments to anyone asking directly or indirectly about this Good.

If there is parallel demand to use this Good, demanders should be booked in the following order.

  1. The one(s) Co-using it at the moment during his/her/their Reasonable Session.
  2. Owner.
  3. Co-owner(s) (if any).
  4. Multiple Co-using.
  5. The one(s) which resultant production of his/her/their co-use generate(s), in the most Reproduceable Way and the quicker another/more Good(s) of the same type and/or very related and/or accesory, located the nearest from this Good, (offered under exactly this same Invitation text or any later one published at http://.) who has been in the Co-use's queue the longest time.
  6. The one(s) which resultant production of his/her/their co-use generate(s), in the most Reproduceable Way and the quicker another/more Good(s) of the same type and/or very related and/or accesory, located the nearest from this Good, (offered under exactly this same Invitation text or any later one published at http://.
  7. The one(s) who has co-used it during less time during last week.
  8. The one(s) who has co-used it during less time during last month.
  9. The one(s) who has co-used it during less time during last year.
  10. The one(s) who has co-used it during less time previously.
  11. Pseudorandom.

Reasonable sessions' management

The time limit of use per person will depend on the ammount of people who asks for co-using the limited Good next. The more Public booked for a session, the less time to assign for new requests.

It's left up to Mediator(s) whether to move to a future date someone's co-use reasonable session if another with a higher preference profile requests co-using it for the time or part of it that was previously booked by the lower preference profile. Mediator, previously unbooking someone's session, should notify that to the unbooked person.

Mediator rights and duties

I, Mediator, being co-using the Good at the present time or not, is/are the person(s) entitled by the Owner or other previous Mediator to do the following:

  1. Ensure that the Good is not abandoned, lost or mislaid.
  2. Add schedules to the Attachment according to this Invitation terms.
  3. Passing the Mediation role to someone else. You may not leave it without previously trying to pass it to the previous Mediator, to a new Co-user or to the Owner.
  4. Collect, if requested by the Owner, the maintenance costs' fees from Co-users
  5. Collect this information from Pulic interested in Co-using the Good:
    1. Contact details from You that I considered sufficient.
    2. Explanations about why and/or what purpose you want to co-use the Good for resolving posible paralel demands.
    3. Acceptance of Your promisory full compliance with the terms expressed in this Invitation.

And acceptance from You about that I have

  1. Assured You that I have the enough & legimitate property rights of this Good for Inviting You to Co-use this Good.
  2. Informed You, as a reasonable person will, about the product liability and supplied You, You paying the costs, with available further source information about the Good You might have asked me for. ex: estimated Good's consumption rate for Your expected Reasonable Session if the Owner(s) required maintenance.
  3. Communicated You clearly this Invitation's content and its Attachment if containing any.

And at anytime, if the Owner declared it moveable and required shipping it back on demand:

  1. Assist the Owner or Co-owner(s) in having it back in a reasonable time if estated that.

And if the Owner required maintenance, insurance or some notifications to be supplied:

  1. Show Me the documents that certify Your suppliance.
  2. Supply them to Me in order to give them to the Owner.

The requirement to do the Informational duties does not include a requirement to continue to provide support service, warranty, or updates for a work that has been started to co-use by the invitee. The requirement finishes when starting the new Co-user(s) start(s) his/her/their session.


It should be communicated by the Mediator to the interested Public at cost on request.

It can also contain

Schedule of bookings

You, if You request so, should be able to know when actual Co-user(s) expect(s) to finish his/her session, the list of Co-using bookings and further contact details from them at cost.

Other participants

  1. Co-owners are:
    1. [email protected]
    2. Local common's members
    3. ...
  2. Arbitrators are:
    1. [email protected]
    2. ...

Non Waived Small & Temporary Restrictions

Added by owner(s) or co-owners, and Passed on by Mediators.


  1. Give before use the same or equivalent quantity of estimated value which is bound to be taken out from the Good due to a Co-use. (I might also require you to have some kind of insurance grant).



Ship on demand



.... to owner, to platform x, ...


This is just a declared intention of how I'd, ideally, like to share this Good with You.

This is a [ |invitation to treat] which will become a binding agreement between Me and You enforceable at a conventional court by the (Co-)Owner(s) when you start co-using the Good. Despite of this, for Public and also Owners it's better recommended communicating inconveniences communitarily in the first place.

Humble moral restrictions

Owner(s) have the right to ban to any distortion, mutilation or other modification of, or other derogatory action in relation to the said Good, which would be prejudicial to the author's honor or reputation.

These are restrictions which are estated by the owner to be temporarily during his/her/their adptation time to new circumstances provoked by the new context where the Good is which are in some way yet still agressive enough for making him/her/them a little bit uncomfortable. Humble refers to the owner's aceptance that this Shareful Invitation is the most efficient way of sharing, but by claiming these rights he/she is admitting not to be yet mentally ready for the new circumstance, while the effort to fully comply with this terms is not left apart.

Termination of rights

The (Co-)Owner(s) has/have the right to terminate the rights provided to You with this Invitation at anytime with no reason given but letting You reasonably finishing your Co-use session.

You may not use a Good except as expressly provided with this Invitation. Any attempt otherwise to use it is void, and will automatically terminate your rights under this Invitation.

If some part conflicts with an existent or new conventional law, that part should not have been taken into consideration in the first place.

Communication of addendums

They should be added at the Attachment.

New Mediator(s)

New Arbitrator(s)

New Co-owner(s)

New small & temporary restrictions

New addendums

New versions of this Invitation

Any changes made to this Invitation text will be dated at the footer part of http://, or any other later url provided at http://, along with a link for seeing latest versions content, differences and modification dates.

Compatible repositories

This is a list of URLs where this Invitation is copied in:

  • ...


These are...


This paragraph defines a bit deeper some keywords which will appear starting with a Capital letter in the Invitation.


A private property that (an) owner(s) invite(s) the Public to co-use under the terms shown at http://.


The person(s) holding the Good's property rights in the last instance and the first / default Mediator.


Public who has some preference rights over other people for co-using the Good. They are automatically Arbitrators.

Mediator / Me / I

The person(s) entitled to do this Invitation's Informational duties towards the Public and towards the Owner when requested.


Person(s) who is/are using the Good in a sustainable way at a present moment. COoperatively, COllaborativelly, COmplianty with this Invitation.


Also called You / Invitee. Rest of people who is not co-using the Good.


When a Mediator transfers the Informational duties to another Co-user.


Third parties added by the owner for conflict resolution. They have binding rights when acting on behalf of the owner and non-binding when on behalf of others. They can optionally use those rights given.


Reasonable session

The Good's maximum time of use per person per session.

Reproduceable way

A way which easily visible to anyone, has transparent procedures and results allowing others to copy and adapt them.

Conventional courts

Places where binding agreements are conventionally enforced to.

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