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A sharespace would be similar to a hackerspace - the primary difference being an emphasis on sharing, mutual aid, and an aspiration for human potential to flourish outside a monetary or commercial framework. Some hackerspaces may indeed embrace an ethos of mutual aid and sharing already, but they are not inherent in either the term or the culture - hence the distinction.

For eligible members, a sharespace is somewhere where:

  • tools, equipment, materials and components can be stored,
  • tools and equipment may be taken from the space for a period (without charge),
  • not just a storage area but also a work area.

Non-members may benefit from some of these facilities - but not all. Alternatively, it may be that they have to pay to use tools, etc..

Membership is not necessarily based on payment of fees. It is, more likely, to be based on character assessment and the suitability of the individual - e.g. the extent to which they actually aspire to sharing and mutual aid.