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== Maintenance ==
== Maintenance ==
''Tasks anyone can help with, easiest first.''
''Tasks anyone can help with, easiest first.''
* Members of [[:Category:SW]] should be moved to [[:Category:Sharewiki]]
* [[Template:Wishlist|Create articles]], see also [[Special:WantedPages|wanted pages]]
* Improve [[:Category:outdated|outdated]] or [[:Category:Fix|pages needing some fixing]]
* Update [[:Category:outdated|outdated]] and improve [[:Category:Fix|fixable]] pages
* Check [[Special:SpecialPages|maintenance reports]]
* help with the [[migration]] to [[:nomad:|Nomadwiki]]
* Create articles from the [[Template:Wishlist|Wishlist]]
===Content [[migration]]===
[[:Category:Sharewiki|more maintenance tasks]]
* Sharewiki has >50 [[:Category:Stubs|stubs]]. Some of those pages are just placeholders and contain only one sentence with a category. To improve the quality of this wiki, these pages could be included to already existing related pages.
* Content useful for traveling [[:nomad:Nomadwiki.org:Community_portal#Info_from_other_wiki_.3F|should be moved]] from Sharewiki to [[:nomad:|nomadwiki.org]]. To mark pages or categories add the template <nowiki>{{move_to_nomadwiki}}</nowiki> and they will appear in [[:Category:Move_to_Nomadwiki]].
* See also [[:hitch:Hitchwiki:Migrating content to other wikis]]
[[Sharewiki.org_talk:Community portal#Content|Discuss this]]
===General suggestions===
:[[Improving maps on Hitchwiki and Trashwiki|Maps]]' integration discussion.
:Get content from Couchwiki, hitchwiki, etc. for the [[Barcelona]] page
:Collapsible text
:RSS-XML Feed reader
:Collapsible categories
:Forms? (wordpress is a better solution?)
:Language tools needed?
:[[Category:Talk pages]]
:[[Bank account sharing]]
:sources vs source vs sbe/sources at catgs. and pages
:legalities vs conventional catgzing
=== categories ===
* Categories suggestions:
** Health category subcategories: Sanitation, Other waste disposals, Drainage.
* Refused categorizings
** Basic goods category was parent of food&health, hospitality&transport, energies&techs
**Human values(braveness, fairness, solidarity, etc.)
**Basic goods
**Value metrics
*Sharism as category:
** rename models per sharism
** move some model's pages to sharism
===Design proposals===
===Design proposals===
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''add content from these pages and links to here''
''add content from these pages and links to here''
* [http://valuenetwork.referata.com/wiki/Main_Page Open Value Network (OVN)]
* [http://valuenetwork.referata.com/wiki/Main_Page Open Value Network (OVN)]
* [https://www.shareable.net/blog/owning-is-the-new-sharing Owning is the new sharing]
= [http://sharewiki.org/dumps dumps]=
= [http://sharewiki.org/dumps dumps]=

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Page for questions, suggestions, ideas, complaints, plans. Past suggesstions and discussion can be found in the category old pages. For maintenance contact the administrators or registered users via their talk page.



Tasks anyone can help with, easiest first.

more maintenance tasks

Design proposals

  • Root picture in uml,
  • Root picture bigger at top and or background looking like the site-page is under earth with top of the page being the earth border with the air-sun-etc (maybe a piece is sunny cos someone digged..).


add content from these pages and links to here


Backups of this wiki can be found at sharewiki.org/files/share/dumps/.

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